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Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue Studio: Falcon
Begins right where Part III left off, with Chad Knight freezing on the mountain top. But plenty of help and hot sex are on the way from one of the most incredible casts of men ever assembled!
Review by Keeneye Reeves:
Falcons 100th release is cause for celebration: not only is it one of 1995s best porns, its also a perfect - some say even better - companion piece to Part III. What did Falcon and director Rutherford do?Hire every in-demand pornstar on the planet?For this milestone 100th release it sure seems so, as this entry in the famed series takes off where hot-as-hell Part III ended.
Poor Chad is missing in the cold wilderness, while his boyfriend Johnny is up to his old whoring tricks: on the receiving end of one of the juiciest, slickest, wettest blowjobs in memory. Ive rewound that scene so many times Ill probably need a new copy soon. Johnny possesses one of the fattest cocks Ive ever seen, and has been used as jerk-off fodder for many a fan, Im sure.
Lord knows Ive wrecked many a sheet over it!
Youll go back again and again for more of this flick, with scenes that include Bryce Colbys very nasty and gasp-inducing lovefest with a fire extinguisher(he was the motorcycle helmet-wearing guy who shoved the orange parking cone up his ass in Flashpoint), Chads rescue in the snow by the late, great, carved-from-Mt. Olympus-superstud Eric Stone(pant, pant)and a wild hot tub orgy involving almost everyone listed here.
Featuring one of the best cast lineups in years and some of the most explosive and well-shot fuck scenes in Falcons history, this one belongs in every serious collectors library.
Want my advice for a night you wont soon forget?Watch both parts back-to-back with someone you love... or someone youd just love to fuck the hell out of!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:14:52
Video: 720x480, MPG2, 3910kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue
Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue

Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue
Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue

Other Side Of Aspen - The Rescue

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