Limit through Due, Sc.2

Limit through Due, Sc.2 Throw: Chris Jansen, Sebastian Kane
Genres: Servitude, Fetish, Sway, Twinks, Toys, Spanking
Video speech: English people
Prisoner lad Chris has been exchanged because of his parents debts, he's even now been wanked and drained of cum in a flogging and pegging, on the other hand the master isn't performed through him yet. The boy's naked buttocks are pleasing a striking while he's chained to the torture, his balls locked betwixt canes in a vice-like grasp in the manner that his scrotum is slapped and pricked through the pinwheel. His yelps and cries work for sole to embolden greater degree of chastisement in the manner that he endures the perceive of a bulky dildo puncturing his harmless jack~. Through his naked feet caned and his balls existence spanked and slapped the lad realizes his anguish is silence not above!

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Continuance: 26:50
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Limit through Due, Sc.2

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