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X Bludgeon Wrestling Workshop: Prostyle Fantasies
In the foremost digression of The Ableness Guardians(to be availed of at), the Azure, Red, and Golden Ableness Guardians were the whole of cruelly defeated through the bad Lotus Princess. At this time, the Azure Ableness Warden wakes up--in a struggle circle!Turns up~ the ~side the Lotus Princess wants to hold a small work up~ the ~side, and plans to use the weakened in the manner that her possess individual punching sack!Up~ the other hand the Azure Ableness Warden is not worn through use yet, and gives the Lotus Princess a brave race because of her coin. , the indigent is eventually dominated and completely humiliated through the bad Lotus Princess, who seems especially to taste punishing the Azure Guardians fork!Shortly the Azure Ableness Warden is really made into the Lotus Princesss punching sack, in the manner that shes tied to a weighty sack and badly worn through use, fondled, and whipped!Be able to the Azure Ableness Warden at any time approach back from like perfect demolition??

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X Bludgeon Wrestling

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