Chained Heroes Piece 2

Chained Heroes Piece 2 Liberate Year: 2003
Workshop: Twisting Video
Throw: Marcello
Genres: showy, servitude, bdsm, spanking, electro, host, muscle, nay sex
Video speech: English people
Trapped in a concealed Pow camp, through nay accident of avoid, specific actor(digest appellation Marcello)is subjected to unmerciful and sadistic material anguish. His captors are despairing to disclose the com~ that brought him to this unilluminated and perilous outpost, up~ the other hand Marcello is a combatant!Stripped to the waste and secured in inflexible fetters he writhes in anguish in the manner that he is relentlessly flogged through his questioner. Sixty minutes up~ sixty minutes of unmerciful lashing through the untamed cat and savage single-tail whip takes it's tax. His stone firm abs are relentlessly punched and worn through use. His box and nipples are cruelly abused. Lastly, at the time he thinks his place cannot procure worse, he is stripped nude and his manhood targetted. Will the penalty, humbling and exhaustion rend him?The whole of is revealed in this video, privately recorded because of his interrogators sadistic enjoyment.

Format: avi
Continuance: 1:24:28
Video: 480x368, XviD, 1002kbps
Audio: 31kbps
Chained Heroes Piece 2

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