Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 2 -(1974 Year)

Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 2 -(1974 Year) In 1980 Val was 2nd racer up in the Between nations Mr Leather dispute. In 2009 the Showy Mature Pellicle Assiduity presented Roger Earl through the Life Time Performance adjudge at the GayVN awards exhibit in S.F. Single Jewel reviewer’s take up~ this pellicle: Ah, those were the “old guard” days of S/M, preceding the bywords “safe, sound, and consensual” came to limit the whole of sport. Up~ the other hand in that place is sport in this place in the slow 70s vintage orgy of fistings, and scathing oral chastisement: not unharmed through today’s ensign(nay condoms, nay visible warm-ups preceding weighty floggings), and the overall mark of the sport appears, up~ the other hand please memorandum, sole appears to exist, nonconsensual. Leather top-daddy Val Martin’s victims are routinely(and evidently)grabbed, roughed up, slapped, tied up in tormenting contortions, shaved, sworn at(and the oral chastisement is not the tamer, at this time cliched “pig,” or “pooch,” up~ the other hand “woman fucker”), and fisted through merciless, glacial inhumanity.

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Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 2 -(1974 Year)

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