Johnny Lad - Shattered At 18 - Piece 2

Johnny Lad - Shattered At 18 - Piece 2 Liberate Year: 2018
Workshop: DreamboyServitude
No one flogs a lad more good than Felix Rime. Felix actually lays into seminary jock Johnny Lad, workmanship the young goat flinch and pant from one side his tape silence in the manner that his incline, musculous trunk turns rose-color. “Perform you want it to close?Perform you want to move home?” Felix asks the teenager. “Yea!” Johnny Lad answers. “Yea, that which?” Felix replies, tasing Johnny’s abs. “Yea, sir!I’m grieved, sir!” Johnny replies, shaking from the penalty, smooth al~ the Taser is up~ a depressed setting meant to bend penalty up~ the other palm and fingers not weaken. Felix uncuffs Johnny’s carpus from the wall. “I’ll allow you move suppose that you be able to procure firm,” he says. Johnny is disgusted up~ the other palm and fingers will perform anything to shun the penalty. He works his cock, acquisition firm. In adding to his finished material substance, Johnny has a vast, handsome cock. “Take your palm and fingers absent!” Felix demands, established back and admiring the foot-long being jutting up~ the ~side of the kid’s material substance. At that time he tases Johnny afresh, separate seasons. Suppose that you be able to cum subsequent to existence tased, I’ll allow you move,” Felix says. Of race, it’s a falsehood. Johnny pumps up~ the ~side a vast burden of cum, up~ the other palm and fingers his flogging has equitable begun. Amazingly, he corsets semi-hard, his cock dripping cum, in the manner that he’s whipped because of some other sixty minutes.
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Johnny Lad - Shattered At 18 - Piece 2

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