Felony Does Pay - Vol. 1 -(1982 Year)

Felony Does Pay - Vol. 1 -(1982 Year) Very weighty BDSM sport. Felony Does Pay is David Nesor’s foremost try at a “storyline” in his succession of S & M video tape productions. A defender of one mature bookstore thinks he be able to procure absent through a independent warehouse, up~ the other palm and fingers is speedily speckled through Leather Stack(through John Rowberry, a “heavy-leather giant”)and hauled upstairs. He is ordered to tear off and meekly complies, upon which restraints are placed up~ his wrists and ankles, and his are raised higher than his seat of the brain. Subsequent to a not many swats through the paddle, Stack decides he doesn’t want a impelling mark, thus fetters his ankles to the cover through a ~. At this time, incapable to impel very remote, Stack actually lays it up~, using paddles, a cat, and a lengthy whip that nearly moves Stack up camera. The unnamed lowest part(who happened to exist at the calling extremity of the flogging in From the top to the bottom of and Unclean)screams and yells through one and the other thong.

Format: Windows Media
Continuance: 19:31
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1562kbps
Audio: 125kbps
Felony Does Pay - Vol. 1 -(1982 Year)

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