Daniel and Borek - Protection Test

Daniel and Borek - Protection Test Liberate Year: 2013
Workshop: WilliamHiggins.com
Throw: Daniel Koc, Borek Sokol
Daniel Koc came in because of a Screentest. We paired him up through Borek Sokol because of the spectacle and they certainly direct the eye advantageous unitedly. Things originate through Borek interviewing Daniel, who at that time lays up~ his appetite because of a massage. Borek kneels and begins to abrade Daniel's back, a small. His speedily depress Daniels underwear revealing his burning bleb mark, beautifully white opposed to his summer convert into leather. Borek starts kneeding that sexy jack~ and at that time straddles it, attrition himself opposed to it. He moves to the verge afresh, bending above to kiss up~ Daniel's back. At that time he takes Daniels palm and fingers and guides it to his fork. Daniel at that time turns above and Borek starts to perceive and kiss that sexy material substance. At that time his chaps moves to fit Daniels and they actually shrink to kiss. Borek lowers Daniel's underwear and straddles him afresh, attrition his clothed groin opposed to that cock. Pleasing grasp of that cock Borek wanks it a mouthful and at that time starts sucking it. He sucks up~ the cock and licks at the balls until his language has one consequence. That cock swells fastidiously in the manner that Borek's chaps encloses it. At that time it is Daniel's turn, through Borek's cock up~ the ~side of the underwear he starts sucking up~ it. He sucks and wanks the cock and licks the balls. Impelling to a 69, through Borek higher than Daniel they draw into the chaps up~ one and the other other's firm dicks. At that time Borek lays up~ the couch through his legs up, in order that his jack~ is to exist availed of because of Daniel to border his burning perforation. He tongues that perforation and at that time begins to handle it. He actually works up~ Borek's jack~ until it is prepared because of greater degree of. Through Borek laying up~ the couch Daniel slides his beating cock down-reaching into that jack~, fucking it through exact lengthy strokes. The guys impel, in order that Daniel is underneath through Borek riding his cock. His possess dick is stone firm and sways in the manner that he bounces up and from the top to the bottom of up~ Daniel's. At that time Borek holds silence and Daniel takes above the fucking, thrusting his cock up into the staying jack~. Some other impel has them in evangelist, through Borek wanking himself firm and abstain from food in the manner that Daniel continues to fuck him. Shortly Borek is shooting his creamy cum the whole of above himself. Daniel pulls up~ the ~side of that burning jack~ and shoots his burden overmuch. At that time they guys kiss and impel to the shower to unstained up. That which a beautiful spectacle, and Daniel certainly proved himself to exist a very clever doer in his screentest.
Format: Windows Media
Continuance: 30:40
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Daniel and Borek - Protection Test

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