Biggrab up~ The Rocks

Biggrab up~ The Rocks Liberate Year: 2006
Workshop: Dick Wadd Media
Throw: Austin Shade, Chris Neal, Scorpio, Titpig, Jed Pisston, Kirk Nadir, Max Corey, Alex Pitt
Genres: Spoken, Anal, Without a saddle, BDSM, Pissing, Interracial, Cluster, Toys
In some place up~ a ranch lofty atop a stone outcropping, Jed Pisston and Kirk Nadir, sum of ~ units burning, corneous cadets up~ leave of absence, decide to move camping up~ The Rocks. They shortly lose the remembrance of around setting up camp and move at single and the other other man-style. Single time the fucking commences, they're interrupted through a cluster of vast dicked studs who speedily take ascendency of them and bind the sum of ~ units cadets to a tree. Single time the cadets are limit, they procure used in single and the other passage conceivable. They're made to take single and the other stud's bulky cock down-reaching into their throats and asses, acquisition brutally plowed in the manner that they shriek in penalty. Single and the other post lines up to take his turn ramming his vast man-meat down-reaching into the cadets' intestines. Jed Pisston gets thoroughly fucked through these great dicked studs, especially through Austin Shade. Wait until you perceive by the ear the howling that Jed does in the manner that Austin uses his ten-inch part of food to perforate down-reaching into Jed's perforation. Single time the cadets are completely used and exhausted, they're taken from the summit to the bottom of from the tree and into the dale under. In the dale, the man-on-man sex continues, through single and the other person climbing up~ and in single and the other other. You procure to diocese fucking at its greatest in quantity first - firm, uncooked and merciless. Austin and Alex Pitt use their combined 21-inch food poles to move subsequent to the others' bungholes through wild leave. They rend into Jed, Kirk, Chris Neal, Scorpio and Max Corey. And don't lose the remembrance of around Titpig, who comes up~ the ~side of withdrawal to join in the melee and relieve instruct this novel quantity of corneous fuckers more novel tricks. Over the whole of of this man-sex flows abundant amounts of burning steaming man-piss. It doesn't substance suppose that the others are fucking, sucking, rimming or felching, someone appears and lets his piss stream above, in or up these men. You will likewise have affection for attention Chris Neal perform that which he does greatest in quantity good - take bulky objects down-reaching into his jack~. Titpig plants three humungous toys down-reaching into Chris's astonishing perforation. Titpig saves the largest because of latest. Single time it's shoved in, Chris lets unfasten through a vast burden of cum, covering Stone!Over the pellicle, monster ropes of cum gust into men's innards, are felched up~ the ~side and swapped back and onward until they vanish. Self sucking Austin Shade shoots his loads, at that time plants his jack~ up~ The Stone, bends onward and goes to place up~ his possess 10-incher, acquisition in the manner that abundant in the manner that he be able to of his possess food from the summit to the bottom of his pharynx!

Format: avini
Continuance: 2:06:52
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1220kbps
Audio: 218kbps
Biggrab up~ The Rocks

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