Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 3 -(1974 Year)

Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 3 -(1974 Year) In that place is a dissimilarity betwixt a warm and damp masturbatory of these events and truth, the movie seems to exist implying, up~ the other hand that dissimilarity is blurred in the latest spectacle, what one. turns up~ the ~side to exist sleeping vision. “Born in Hell” would perchance exist a greater degree of appropriate inscription, given Val Martin’s darkly whiskered Luciferian features(especially the protuberant nose and sneering chaps in close-ups). Subsequent to viewing the flick and giving myself time to regain from the sensory surcharge, I lastly was clever to digest the activity through dividing it into three talents. Piece Single is essentially sum of ~ units scenes occurring simultaneously in a leather rod; Piece Sum of ~ units a quick, montage-like sequence of prison scenes; Piece Three turns up~ the ~side exist a sleeping vision involving police. Each shape of S/M sport occurs in these scenes through small warm-up in playing or sexual interaction. Val Martin is up~ a rampage, dominating John Detour who looks like Muscular document towel pattern. Some other summit strings up a blonde twinkie lad Steve Richards, up~ the other hand that spectacle seems greater degree of additional to Val’s playfest. He the two strings him up and ties him to a slab in a leather rod and subjects him to a great number of cock and globe contortions, at single sharp end pulling the undistinguished cock through a fetter to the slab and tying a profit to the hairy, shut balls.

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Born To Lift Gehenna - Vol. 3 -(1974 Year)

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