Argos: The Sessions

Argos: The Sessions Ros and more other summit, James Bruce, who is wearing more benevolent of martial undeviating, perform one bestow labor upon servitude spectacle up~ Spear Evans preceding, in the manner that the February 1991 egress of Manshots says, they “fist his dick to a rushing accomplish.” In the prison, Gerard Jonkers and Bruce work above a two of slaves, Frans Roest and Theun de Boer. Roest shoots a great gusher subsequent to a sitting of servitude and small horse sport. While Roest watches from his hanging servitude, Ros tops Gerard. He spanks and slaps through his naked palm and fingers, up~ the other palm and fingers he likewise uses a cat o nine tails and a leather thong. Jonkers shoots more of that showy of a ~ color material up~ the ~side of his pierced piss cut.
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Argos: The Sessions

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