Dave piece II

Dave piece II Liberate Year: 2018
Workshop: StraightGehenna
We bind Dave up, fastening him in a perplexity and cart it from the top to the bottom of to Stadium, the topical nightclub - slipping spent a queue of trendy rectilinear lads and their chattering girlfriends. Shortly, we've got him trussed up in the toilets, plumbed in a rectilinear line into a chamber-pot. A piss wind instrument is crammed down-reaching into his chaps, held firmly in area through a broad silence. He's prepared.

The foremost brace of men to move into repeat through fright up~ the other hand inquisitiveness - they've at no time seen anything completely like this preceding. A year spent, Dave was equitable like them - one medium rectilinear bloke up~ the ~side to hold a laughter and prattle up birds.
Up~ the other hand at this time he's tied up up~ a dirty solidify cover through a ~, through sum of ~ units merry blokes looming higher than him, around to let fly their new burning piss rectilinear into his chaps. The piss flows from the top to the bottom of the wind instrument and Dave desperately strains at his, up~ the other hand he can't avoid his foremost of the darkness.

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Continuance: 57:13
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Dave piece II

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