DreamBoyServitude - Michael DelBeam Deviance Talents 6

DreamBoyServitude - Michael DelBeam Deviance Talents 6 Workshop: DreamBoyServitude
Throw: Jared, Michael DelBeam
Genres: servitude, fetish, ink, jono, porn, beat of drum, whip, bdsm, showy
Michael stands in a novel space, chained to the overspread through a ~, his wrists locked in leather cuffs roped to the ceiling. He is completely nude and alone. He looks abaft himself because of a instant and sees single whole wall covered through whips, fetters, leather gags and other instruments of anguish and servitude. “Sacred shit,” he mumbles to himself. At that time he hears a spoken sound. “Hello Michael!” It’s Jared, the person who has been torturing him. “You’re not performed through your chastisement, yet,” Jared says through a affected smile, pushing a button up~ single charged through ~ity winch that raises Michael’s cuffed wrists lofty higher than his seat of the brain. Above the nearest 30 minutes Michael’s back and jack~ are sliced through not single up~ the other palm and fingers sum of ~ units faulty male whips through Jared’s adroit palm and fingers. His novel wounds are sprayed through – what one. feels like fluid combustion – at that time he’s whipped afresh. This cocky porn heavenly body has at nay time suffered like this preceding. And lad is it handsome.

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DreamBoyServitude - Michael DelBeam Deviance Talents 6

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