Martin & Jackie Sandwich Cain

Martin & Jackie Sandwich Cain Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
This is a bonus bi video update!Previously released on, this video is now available to ACS and CF members!

Super buff bodybuilder Cain gets sandwiched between Martin and Jackie and he loves every minute of it!Jackie gets on all fours, hungry to take dick from both ends. Cain fucks her first, while she sucks Martin's cock.

"Save some for me, will ya?" Martin says. The guys switch places and Martin slams his dick into Jackie's wet pussy. She wraps her lips around Cain's huge cock.

Martin wants to fuck Cain next. Cain helps push Jackie farther down Martin's cock, then he gets on all fours, ready for Martin's dick!

Cain stuffs his cock inside Jackie as Martin drills him from behind. Then Martin wants to watch Cain fuck Jackie. Cain quickly shoots his load all over Jackie's stomach and Martin blasts his load all over Cain's ripped abs.

Martin & Jackie Sandwich Cain

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