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Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer Studio: Strict Restraint/Dungeoncorp
Ive been a huge fan of India ever since we first shot her a few years back she is a beautiful and warm woman outrageous eyes, outrageous body, silky hair, sweet voice, educated and intelligent and freaky Ive had at least a couple bookings where I have been the scheduled Dom to work with India and when the day to shoot her comes around, Im always too busy to shoot or Im this case, it was both So the Pope takes my place again We do something a bit different in this first set most of the time, getting models into the StrictRestraint rigs isnt too easy but weve been getting a lot of requests to shoot and show that rigging process in the updates The Pope and DP rig her into the standing stocks like two members of a pit crew its all business and as India looks on, she becomes helpless very helpless I enjoyed watching her as she got locked into our device the Pope has worked with India a few times and he has her number he knows she is multiorgasmic he pleasures and torments the orgasms out of her body as she begins to shake India was unable to stand up for a few minutes after that first scene The next scene finds her laying on her back with her legs belted up in the air the Pope enjoys his time with her toes and feet then uses a black cock to fuck her pussy as he keeps the head of the magic wand floating on her clit.

Format: avi
Duration: 32:03
Video: 1280x720, XviD, 1000kbps
Audio: 61kbps

Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer
Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer

Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer
Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer

Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer

File size: 252.0 MB