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Shy and Hesitant Cast: Kari A and Lady
Rosaline Rose looks a little shy and hesitant as Kari begins to touch her. But elegant Kari is used to getting what she wants, and it becomes clear that the sophisticated stunner's powers of seduction will not fail her. Kari kisses the sweet object of her lust, and then sits beside her, spreading her legs. Rosaline soon stops resisting her attraction to Kari, and returns her caresses passionately. She sucks on Kari's fingers, gasping with arousal as the seductress begins to rub her pussy through her panties.
Kari soon has gorgeous Rosaline naked, stroking her plump pussy with busy fingers. Rosaline is so hot for her beautiful companion now, and pulls off her skirt, revealing a transparent bodysuit which shows off her incredible figure. Kari gets on all fours to finger and eat Rosaline's pussy, gazing up at her pretty face as it contorts with pleasure. Rosaline holds her legs back and arches her back in ecstasy as Kari licks her asshole and makes her orgasm.
Now Kari straddles Rosaline in a sixty-nine position, rocking back so Rosaline can tongue her ass and strum her pussy with wet fingers. When the sensations threaten to overwhelm her, Kari pauses for some more kissing, then moves onto her knees so Rosaline can eat her from behind. Rosaline's excellent oral technique with plenty more juicy analingus drives her wild. She rubs her own clit to add to the building wave of pleasure as her whole body is racked by a powerful climax.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:21
Video: 1920x1080, AVC(H.264), 4726kbps
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Shy and Hesitant
Shy and Hesitant

Shy and Hesitant
Shy and Hesitant

Shy and Hesitant

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