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Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia Studio: Societysm/Dungeoncorp
The beautiful and tough Vicky Van Warren is back with the Pope for another day of torment, SocietySM style theses days, that torment starts off with an interview and some humiliating demands we talk to Vicky about her bondage and sexual preferences, then we direct her to demonstrate her oral abilities on a large dildo she impresses us with her large mouth hole and deep throat one of our guys enters the scene to cuff her hands and ankles he rigs her wrists overhead and leaves her to wait for the Pope the Pope enters to a strips her he warms her up with some whipping, then applies clothespins to various, sensitive and private parts of her body he pulls Vicky into the air by her wrists and leaves her to hang Vicky is then tied on our wooden pony her hands are tied up and her feet are pulled and tied down to keep her cunt firm against the corner of the pony the Pope uses rubber bands around her tits for sensitivity as he whips her body.then suction cups on the nipples and a magic wand on her pussy Vicky screams and cums as the Pope keeps the wand in place through multiple ograsms then we tie Vicky bent over with her ass exposed weights hang from nipple clamps as Ogre joins the Pope for a dual, ass whipping session they redden her ass and back the Pope tells Vicky to bark like a dog when she has had enough and finally Vicky barks and screeches VIcky is then placed on a table and hogtied the Pope guides her through orgasms with a dildo and vibrator beforing pulling her into a suspension in the final scene, Vicky is tied to our crow perch she stands on a steel ball and the Pope uses electrcity to shock her feet and nipples then its more screaming orgasms from Vicky.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 55:45
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 768kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia
Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia

Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia
Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia

Pads and Clamps On Tummy Nipples Labia

File size: 341.4 MB