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Long Haired Rocker Surfer Studio: Alternadudes
Victor Rolf is a hot shaggy rocker/surfer dude with a really nice fat, veiny, pierced cock. He starts by rubbing himself through his jeans and then peels them off to show that his cock is already hard. Next off is the shirt and he stands in his underwear and moves his big cock up and down with no hands while showcasing his to-die-for armpits. Hes revved up and horny as hell. When he pulls his dick out you can see the veins popping out of his big thick shaft. He bounces his hard-on a bit more as he plays with his nipples and squeezes his balls tight.
He stands and looks directly into the camera flopping and jacking his cock. Suddenly and without warning he says Oh yeah. You want my fucking dick, dont ya? That was the first and the last of his dirty talk. He turns around to show his nice tight ass. He spreads his cheeks and reveals another piercing right between his fuzzy ballsack and tight little hairy hole. He points his cock downward and jacks a bit more before he turns around and sits down. Now that hes sitting, he starts using the lube. He pumps and and whacks and its starting to pay off. He throws his head back and lets his eyes roll into his head. He moves his PA piercing back and forth in his piss-hole and starts moaning hard.
He gets louder and louder until he screams out oh fuck! and lets loose a spray of jizz that flies so high and so far that he sprays the cameraman and the camera!When hes done, the cameraman offers to let Victor lick his own cum off his hand and the camera. Victor is confused but laughs when he realizes that he sprayed more than himself in the cum frenzy that he created. Great job, Victor!Its an awesome sight to see that giant, thick, popping with veins cock do what it was made for!

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:18
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2910kbps
Audio: 121kbps

Long Haired Rocker Surfer
Long Haired Rocker Surfer

Long Haired Rocker Surfer
Long Haired Rocker Surfer

Long Haired Rocker Surfer

File size: 229.1 MB