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Hard Studies Release Year: 2006
Studio: Colt-Buckshot
Cast: Adam Dexter, Alex Chandler, Alex Corbel, Brian Hansen(aussie), Brock Hatcher, Danny Roddick, Diego De La Hoya, Hank Dutch, Josh Weston, Ken Browning, Park Wiley,
Genres: anal, oral, general hardcore, condoms
Campus life is rife with distractions, but as interruptions go, there's probably nothing more dibobulating that watching your roommate stomp rampantly erect through your apartment on a condom hunt.
So, it is not attention-deficit disorder that our hero here suffers from, it's being surrounded by a bevy of hot men and not managing to hook up with any of them. Even so, he does manage to rub one out on his own in pretty short order(to be fair, he had already started before his roommate's naked recon mission). Since all of that happens in the first few minutes of this thrill ride, it's a good idea to pace yourself while watching - because frankly, your heart may not be able to take it.
A large portion of the credit belongs to its star, Brian Hansen. Brian's tight, diminutive frame packs a huge wallop, and the opener is only a small taste of what's toe in the amazing finale.
Brian's roommate, Park Wiley, succeeds in his quest for rubbers and returns to his room where a naked, very buff Josh Weston awaits. This duo then performs an athletic, bouncy reciprocal fuck that is so frenzied it also qualifies as aerobic exercise. There's no doubt that Park and Josh are up to it, but sometimes you may wonder whether the bed they're using can take the punishment.
This is particularly true when Park is sitting on Josh's dick and riding it, and Josh is using his tree-trunk thighs to actually lift Park's entire body off the bed with each upward thrust. Later, Josh reclines and after Park tastes his tight, inviting hole, he slides his dick inside it and is serenaded by Josh's sexy moans as he fucks him. Josh blows a load while Park gives him a hand(and continues to fuck him), and then Park pulls out of Josh and blasts his cream in huge spurts that splatter Josh's tight torso.
Brian, however, is still frustrated. He ditches the studying and hits the local bar with Park, morphing from bookworm to hot trick status by merely doffing his preppie glasses and donning a sleeveless muscle shirt.
The bar Brian visits is not your usual townie, quarter beer night place. The backroom is seething with male-on-male action, delivered by studs Diego De La Hoya, Alex Cobel and Ken Browning. If my favorite college watering hole had dudes like this around, it would have taken me at least six years to graduate(instead of the five it actually took). Park insinuates himself into the three-way with no trouble, making for a hot side-by-side suck scene. That action leads to a waterfall rim extravaganza with each dude on all-fours, making a chain of hot ass-licking. Gradually, the four-man orgy focuses on fucking, and hunky Ken's smooth ass is the target. Ken's power bottom act is impressive for stamina alone. There is also a choice three-way fuck, with Park in the middle, that helps put this orgy over the moon(so to speak). All four men are given their due when it's time to bring the scene to a close, with each grabbing major screen time in extended cum-shot sequences(Diego's is unbelievably huge).
Brian is still horny, but not from lack of opportunity. In the next scene, he's awakened by a call from Alex Chandler, who tries to tempt Brian intoing over to his place for a three-way with last night's conquest, gorgeous, boyish Danny Roddick. Danny is getting a mouthful of Alex's thick meat even as Alex makes the call from his apartment balcony.
But Brian demurs again, holding out for a better opportunity, someone he met online. This deters Danny and Alex not one bit, and after savoring their exhibitionistic outdoor warm-up, they move inside so that Alex can explore Danny's bubble-butt to his heart's content.
Actually, to say that Danny has a bubble-butt is an understatement - his ass is so round that if you filled it with helium, it probably would float away. Alex, though, knows just how to anchor it, using his fingers and then his cock(meanwhile, Alex's heels and dick actually may be filled with helium, because after that, they pretty much nevere back to Earth). The footage of these two men fucking is, in a word, exquisite. Cum-shots are, too: Danny rides Alex's cock to his finish, and his pop-shot is closely followed by Alex's. But the view of Danny's hole spread wide by Alex's thick meat, near the end, is breathtaking.
Bad decision: Brian not taking advantage of the offer to fuck with Danny and Alex. Bad luck: Brian arrives to find that his Inter "date" is already occupied with someone else.
Turns out that Brian's intended, tattooed daddy Brock Hatcher, has another tattooed stud, Hank Dutch, chowing down on his uncut cock and is not in the mood forpany. It's just as well, because with these two beefy hulks, there's barely room onscreen for anything else. After they show us their sublime mutual cocksucking skills, Brock bends Hank over and has a go at his defined, muscular ass, a view that is equaled when Hank gives Brock the same ass-fucking treatment. These two bulls go at each other hard, no matter who's on top or bottom, and they provide two of the biggest cum-shots in the entire production, Brock creaming a stream across Hank's chest, and Hank squeezing his foreskin over the head of his cock until it erupts.
By the time the finale scene arrives, the still sexually-frustrated Brian is having a pity party in the locker room of his gym(SO not the place, dude). So imagine his delight at finding one of his favorite porn studs, the dreamy Adam Dexter. Ironically, just before Adam strolls into the locker room wearing only a tiny white towel, some sweat, and a big grin, Brian has decided it's time for him to put himself out there more. Finally, good timing!
This is by far the best scene in a very good production. Adam and Brianplement each other physically, and not just in the black-guy-white-guy way: Brian is smaller, but beautifully proportioned, while Adam is tall and rangy, with a cut-to-shreds physique. They are matched well for more than just physicality, though. Each is hungry in his own way, Brian for Adam's cock, Adam for Brian's tight, perfect, and frankly stunning ass. Brian slakes his hunger by downing Adam's cock, and then Adam gets his face so far into Brian's asscrack that his nose disappears into it. The foreplay is better here than the full-on fucking in most, but when the fucking starts here, the passion and the power of these two studs just leaps from the screen. Add this to the unique fucking positions these two men can achieve, due to their difference in physical proportion, for one thing, and you've got what is easily one of the best duo scenes ever. In one stunning sequence, Adam shows off his upper body strength by bench-pressing Brian, and with each downward exertion, he lowers Brian's hardon deep into his waiting throat. The ante is upped yet again when Brian then sits on Adam's cock and works it in and out of his ass with small hip-thrusts that make Adam shiver with delight. The acrobatic feats of these two are still far from over. Adam then stands, with Brian still impaled on his cock, and fucks him while Brian holds his shoulders. Appropriately, this scene ends with blistering hot cum-shots, with both hunks delivering major knee-shakers. It is, with all honesty, one of the best duo scenes I have ever been witnessed.
I'm not sure what his GPA is, but if I were the dean at Brian's university, he'd definitely be on my list.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:45:42
Video: 720x540, AVC(H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 91kbps

Hard Studies
Hard Studies

Hard Studies
Hard Studies

Hard Studies

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