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Staxus - Gaping Holes These guys loved to get fucked until their assholes gape.
Scene 1
Having endured the onslaught of porn grandees, Alex Grander and Falco White, young blond sex-god, Mike Cage, returns this time for a superb session with Nicolas Cruz, whose appetite for cock is matched only by his taste for blood!Not that Cage has the slightest idea who hes taken to his bed, or how close to mortal danger he is in Cruzs company. To the viewer, of course, this element of risk only seems to add to the electricity between these two young guys one dark, one blond, and both with an insatiable sexual energy thatll have you pulling back your skin like a dog on heat!A description which pretty much sums up this magnificent pair, with Cruz pushing his raw cock deep inside Cages ass before eventually pumping a stunning wad of cream into Cages open(and amazingly receptive!) mouth. Clearly this isnt the first time the boys taken a load down the throat!These lads are a match made in heaven a couple of unmistakable cum-churners thatll have you pumping in no time.
Scene 2
Hes one hell of a fuckin cute blond German fuck-baby, so is it any great wonder that Czech-boy Rudy Valentino cant wait to relieve Phil Raven of his jockstrap?A mission that the STAXUS exclusive star achieves in pretty much next to no time, it has to be noted. Then again wed expect nothing less of the sex-god that is Valentino, who quite literally lives and breathes for the next pert ass to head his way. Indeed, having taken the time to exchange a heady fray of cock-sucking and wanton 69-ing, the young Czech is soon pushing Raven down onto the kitchen table and thrusting the entire weight of his slim, athletic frame against Ravens hungry ass which, it must be noted, opens up with almost exquisite eagerness. Indeed, Raven is soon proving himself to be an insatiable host for hard cock, riding Valentino cowboy-style before eventually dumping what appears to be the entire contents of his nads all over the place whilst his buddy continues to slam from beneath. Not that its very long before Valentino explodes with similar gusto, rupturing his nuts into a condom and then casually dripping the spent cum from the rubber into Ravens mouth. Kinky but hot!
Scene 3
Hes a real cute blond bombshell, theres no mistake. Whats more, young rookie star, Justin Conway, has a distinct penchant for footwear the sweatier the better, no doubt!After all, what other explanation can there be for him using a pair of boots to rub his cock into a state of rampant stiffness...?Any suggestion that thats going to be the end of matters is promptly dispelled by the arrival of Tristan Balboa onto the scene a cock-hungry brunette who just cant wait to get his luscious lips around Conways raging hard-on. His appetite for dick isnt limited to his mouth, mind. Before long Balboa is getting fucked up the rear by that same meaty ramrod; culminating in him taking a cowboy-style ride thatll leave you in a state of near-crazed ecstasy. Just when you thought it couldnt get any hotter, however, in steps Rudy Bodlak to complete this crotch-splitting threesome Balboa taking even more hard dick for your entertainment before finally spewing his wad over Conways pretty young face. Unperturbed, Balboa blissfully rounds proceedings off by getting splattered on the chin by both his mates the thick goo dripping from his face just the way you like it!
Scene 4
The world of international espionage can sometimes seem mysterious and even a little bit sexy, but theres no denying the fact that it can also be extremely dangerous as young Kai Alexander discovers when hes confronted by two secret agents in search of top-level information. Guys who will stop at nothing to get what they want, which in this instance means bundling Alexander into a rather grubby little alley and subjecting him to a very personal investigation. As it happens, mind, the two assailants Kyle Dickson and Sean Davoy are not the kind of lads youd particularly object to taking an interrogation from. Davoy, in particular, is a well-toned, dark-haired lad with a nice looking cock. As such its quite understandable that Alexander adopts the passive role, taking every hard inch that his assailants can thrust in his direction. The sight of him being brutally spit-roasted is an unarguable highlight; but its the overall sense of sordidness that really gives the action a keenly felt buzz. Needless to say its not at all long before both Dickson and Savoy are taking turns to whitewash the bottoms pale torso with jizz; leaving Alexander to crudely toss himself off.

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Duration: 1:23:16
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Staxus - Gaping Holes
Staxus - Gaping Holes

Staxus - Gaping Holes
Staxus - Gaping Holes

Staxus - Gaping Holes

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