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CM-Steven Video language: English
Steven is a former Marine who seems like he might be questioning his sexuality. He was pretty concerned his friends might find out about this, but seemed ready to take the leap and try something with a guy.
He is definitely into girls, but he is curious about guys, and for most of the photos and video he watched hot brunette girls getting banged. But when it came time to actually nut, we had to find just the right guys to shoot his load with.
Turns out he likes twinks!Mostly feminine, hairless guys, so perhaps he isn't veering too far off the beaten female path. But seeing a cock slide in and out of a dude's hole got him over th top!
His activities with guys seem fairly limited. Actually even his interactions with women seemed fairly limited. To me, and this is my own opinion, it felt like he was on the fence on either, so never really taken the full initiative to explore either.
Steven has a long lean cock that he pretty much stays on the head when he strokes. His body and grooming style is still all Marine. I did wait a bit for him to grow his pubes back from completely bald. As usual, it was torture for these guys to do this.
Format: mp4
Duration: 15:57
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 5585kbps
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