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Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup Elder Butler has a guilty secret, and hes going to ask Dr. Woodruff for advice.

Elder Butler is a cute new Mormon missionary. Hes just out of high school, and he has only been in the mission field a few weeks. But this whole time he has been having dirty fantasies about his hot, jock companion, and then tormented with guilt about these fantasies. He knows the church teaches that its wrong to have these feelings, and hes afraid that if he tells the mission president hell be sent home. So he decides to go to the doctor and ask for a medical opinion about how to cure his same-sex attraction. Luckily, theres a doctor in the mission whos also a member, a stake president even, and sure to understand what its like to be a horny young Mormon boy with unwanted sexual desires.

Elder Butler is shown into the doctors office and waits nervously. He silently runs through what hell say. His thoughts are interrupted when theres a knock at the door and President Woodruff steps in with a smile. Elder Butler is surprised by how sexy the stake president seems in this setting. Now that hes feeling turned on, hes a little
embarrassed to admit his problem to this sexy older man.

I prefer to see you guys in church, President Woodruff says. There must be something wrong. What brings you in?

President Woodruff looks the boy right in the eye and gives him a friendly smile.
He can guess what the boys problem is, and he wants to make him feel safe and comfortable enough to confide in him. And Elder Butler does feel like he can trust the older man with his secret a secret hes never admitted to any leader. He asks President Woodruff if their conversation will be confidential, and the president reassures him that it will be, resting one of his big hands on the boys knee.

For a long time Ive been dealing with same-sex attraction and I havent had anyone to talk to about it The boy trails off, afraid of the mans reaction. But President Woodruff smiles and takes it in stride. He tells the missionary that its very common, something that he himself has dealt with, and that there are some simple techniques that can relieve the tension the boy is feeling.

Elder Butler is relieved. Following the doctors instructions, he stands up and takes off his clothes. The president watches hungrily. Hes totally turned on by the boys skinny body showing through his garments. He cant wait to get a look at the boys tight, virgin asshole. Now that hes down to his underwear, the boy pauses. He has a boner, and hes afraid of what the president will think. But the older man just smiles, grabs his hard dick and gives it a little shake.
Looks like you do have same-sex attraction, he jokes.

Elder Butler lies down on his back, unsure of whats coming next. The doctor pulls out the cold, metal stirrups and has the boy place his feet in them. Then he peels off the boys underwear, revealing his hard cock. Stripped naked, the boy feels completely exposed. The doctor opens a drawer full of medical anal probes. He puts some lube on the boys butthole and then slides his finger in. The hole is really tight, and his finger elicits a surprised gasp, but Elder Butler doesnt tell him to stop, so he fingers him harder, and then grabs the first, smallest probe. He slides it into the boys hole, and Elder Butlers jaw drops. It hurts a little, but it feels amazing. He keeps his eyes on the doctors eyes as he works the probe in and out of his ass. The doctor puts a thumb just below the boys balls and
pushes gently. His balls bounce in response.

When the doctor puts a slightly larger probe in the boys butt, his hard dick jerks. He asks if its ok to touch his penis, and the doctor gives him permission. He strokes himself gently as the doctor pulls out the probe and grabs a third, even larger one. As he slowly pushes it deep into the boys ass, Elder Butler readjusts himself. He doesnt
think it can go in, and then suddenly its inside him, filling up his ass. He aches with pleasure He can feel the cum building up in his balls and getting ready to explode.

The doctor works the probe around his ass a little longer, then pulls it out and reaches for another. He loves Elder Butlers tight white body, and his willingness to take whatever is thrust upon him. The next probe is really thick, and the doctor isnt gentle with it. He shoves it into the boys ass and then pounds him with it. He can see that the
boy is approaching orgasm, and he himself has a rock hard erection in
his pants.

The president grabs the final, biggest probe. Its so big that few missionaries can take it. He shows it to Elder Butler and warns him that only a few boys have managed to sit on it. But Elder Butler wants to try. So the doctor works the hard head around the perimeter of his hole, and then slowly, steadily guides it up and in. As it enters
Elder Butlers ass, the boy yanks hard on his dick, letting the pleasure loosen his hole to the probe. And then its buried in him up to the hilt. The boy tenses his asshole on it, feeling just how thick it is.

President Woodruff takes a vibrator from the drawer and starts to stimulate the boys stuffed hole. Elder Butler closes his eyes. He doesnt know if hes allowed to cum, but its irresistible now. He strokes his dick and focuses on the sensation in his hole. His whole body feels sensitized, and his face is flushed bright red. He looks at the presidents masculine face again, and then he shoots a big white load of semen onto the floor.

The doctor leaves the probe in for a few moments, letting the boy enjoy his comedown from the orgasm, and the he pulls it out of his gaping hole. He knows it cant be long before he gets to slide his own throbbing cock up the boys ass.

He hands Elder Butler the probe. In case you need it, he says with a wink.

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Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup
Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup

Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup
Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup

Mormon Boyz - Elder Butler & President Dr Woodruff - Missionary Checkup

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