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Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron Studio: Dirty Tony
Social media can be a crazy place to explore, full of men having babies, stalkers and oral sex. Max Cameron and Tyler Griz are pretty intrigued by the notion of oral sex. Tyler is pretty certain that no one could their cock in his throat, but Max thinks he might be up to the task. Tyler starts things off with some hot lip to lip action, slowly working his way down to Maxs growing package. He unbuckles Maxs belt and releases his huge erection, then runs his lips along the shaft. But Max wants more, so he grabs the back of Tylers head and presses his cock deep into Tylers throat. Tyler is a believer now and lets Max take control, pressing him into Maxs cock until Tylers gag reflex starts to kick in. Again and again, Tyler gives up control for more of that cock Then Max throws off his shorts and flips over to get his hole loosened up. Tyler dives right into Maxs hot tight crack, probing it with his tongue. He sinks his erect tongue into Maxs flexed hole and Max lets out a moan of approval. A little more spit, and he has his tongue easily sliding in and out. Then its Maxs turn to go down on Tylers rod, and Tyler is only too happy to return the favor and press down on Maxs neck until his buddys lips are at the hilt of Tylers cock. Max starts working Tylers cock with his lips, and throat while Tyler thrusts his cock into it. Next, Max jumps up, straddles his buddy, and with a palm full of spit eases Tylers raw rod all the way into his warm ass. He rides his tight cheeks up and down the shaft of Tylers cock so he can feel each inch sink into him. Then Tyler grabs hold of Maxs hips and starts plowing his hole deep. Maxs perfectly rounded cheeks take Tylers cock with a hunger, opening up for Tyler to press past his second ring. Tyler jumps to his feet, bends Max over, and with Maxs shoulders pressed into the sheets, starts pile driving his hole, banging his prostate mercilessly. In between poundings, he takes long strokes to probe even deeper. Max arches his back and presses into Tylers thrusts, edging his buddy closer and closer. Then Max flips onto his back and lifts one leg over Tylers shoulder for more deep probing. Tyler grinds at the walls of Maxs hole, then grabs Maxs shoulders to drive in hard and deep, getting right up to the edge before backing off. That is more than Max can take, and he unleashes a huge load all over his abs and chest with Tylers cock still buried balls deep in him.

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Duration: 25:32
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Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron
Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron

Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron
Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron

Tyler Griz Fucks Max Cameron

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