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Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker Somehow you cant imagine the likes of Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer sneaking off-court to enjoy a cigarette, so its little wonder that Alex Santanas coach(Paul Walker)is rather disgruntled to find his charge puffing on a fag when the lad should be out on the baseline practising his game. Except it quickly becomes apparent that its not this particular foible that has upset the coach, but rather the fact that Walker has discovered that the fellow has been fucking around with Orlando White quite literally!As Walker eagerly points out, hes the one who should be doing the fucking around here and given his rather domineering, masculine persona he probably has a very valid point.

Needless to say, it takes about five seconds for Walker to bundle Santana indoors, push him down onto a sofa and to begin abusing the youngster with some determined ass-slapping; before the coach then thrusts his handsome ramrod down his pupils throat. If youre looking for romance then this aint the place to begin your search. Walker is every inch the dominant party here a point thats eventually underlined by the hardcore fuck that follows, with Santanas ass-hole taking a pounding in a whole series of positions.
Its almost enough to make a grown man weep but on this performance wed say that Santana enjoyed every fuckin minute of his appraisal here, and the fact that he so keenly ruptures his nads whilst helplessly skewered on Walkers knob says it all. As does the undeniable look of delight on his pretty little face when Walker finally coats it with a torrent of creamy cum!

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Duration: 23:45
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Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker
Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker

Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker
Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker

Staxus - Alex Santana & Paul Walker

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