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Chained up, legs spread, flogged Cast: Ben
Video language: English
Our captive muscle boy looks pretty fucking helpless now doesn't he?All that brute strength is useless - he may be able to lift these weights in the gym, but not in our nasty bondage!Spreader bars on his hands and feet, opening his hole wide for all and sundry. No escape for this bitch.
Even though Ben's been flogged and paddled and punched for the last couple of hours, I can't resist taking my whip to his barrel like chest yet again. Look at those nasty red marks it leaves - that shit really stings.
It's always fun to let our dumb victims think their anal torture is over, when we're done actually fucking them.... and then wrench open their abused arses again and shove something in there!Watch how Ben tries to protest through his gag as we ram the dick stick back and forth in his arse.
But the real humiliation is yet to come... after Jake carefully takes a nice big piss into a condom, we suspend it directly above Ben's face, held aloft only by one nasty little clip attached to his limp cock.
Needless to say, this fragile balance can't last forever, and as the clip painfully slides off his foreskin, the condom balloon falls and he's drenched in piss. It's in his mouth, in his eyes, up his nose. And in that gag, he can't even spit it out.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:05
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1609kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Chained up, legs spread, flogged
Chained up, legs spread, flogged

Chained up, legs spread, flogged
Chained up, legs spread, flogged

Chained up, legs spread, flogged

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