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Strictmoor Academy Year 2 Parts 9-10 Scene 9: In scene 9, four of the young ladies at the academy had tried to steal makeup from a local department store. What a shock it was to the academy staff and an embarrassment. They had convinced the shop not to press charges when they assured them that there would be strict punishment for this behavior. The store manager and staff were invited to watch the punishment of the naughty young ladies. They were to be spanked over their skirts, over their girdles, over their panties, and then on the bare bottom with BOTH hand and hair brush. This was to be a punishment they would never forget. Of course they were made to stand in front of their audience, panties down, hands on head, and apologize for what they had done before being sent upstairs for another spanking from Miss Drower, because as they know, a spanking in the day means a spanking at bedtime.

Scene 10: In scene 10, whole(but not Mrs.Cooper's Jenifer aka Bianca Rose)have been caught breaking curfew during their final night at the academy so they have been sentenced to a spanking. And it will not be a regular one. And head of the academy will assist teachers in administering it. Every girl is going to pass through four of punishment: hand spanking of the legs, over the knee hand spanking on the panties, over the knee bare bottom spanking and bare bottom caning. All this parts will be administered simultaneously each by one particular teacher to different girls. After the spanking all the girls should be standing with burning bare bottoms and with their hands over their heads at the wall, so hopefully they will finally learn their lesson!
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Strictmoor Academy Year 2 Parts 9-10

Strictmoor Academy Year 2 Parts 9-10

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Strictmoor Academy Year 2 Parts 9-10