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Dream Boy Usa Studio: Eurocreme
This movie combines many of the things that make us love Eurocreme so damn much, including Antonio Lopez, Dylan Ryan and Ryan Morgan. How can you go wrong with those three insanely gorgeous boys in the same flick?! Max Lincoln doesnt disappoint, directing these 3 hotties to some of the absolute most nut-busting and uber-hot sex imagineable.
In this sequel to DreamBoy, we catch up with Dan - Ryan Morgans character - as hes trying to focus on his studies and get his schoolwork back on track. Ya see, hes spent the last long while completely unable to concentrate on studies and get anything done because hes been hopelessly distracted by his flatmate, Antonio Lopez. And how could you blame poor Dan?! Antonio is a fucking stud, with a face, body and cock that just scream perfection. Dan gets treated to just how wonderful bedding such a hottie can be, swallowing Antonios cock and giving up his smooth, tight hole to Antonio at every opportunity. Alas, Dans character has to salvage his marks and focus on photography - the subject of his studies. Photography!*wink wink nudge nudge* know what I mean, know what I man?Is your boy a goer?Does he go?! *wink wink say no more!( Hooray for Monty Python references!!!)
So off to France young Dan goes, to get away from things and regain his focus. Alas, his trip to France has plenty of distractions as well, not the least of which is hunky American boy Dylan Ryan. Meeting on the ferry to France, these two cuties hit it off right away, and its not long before Dylan gets his cock buried balls deep in Dans mouth. Along with the scene where Dan gets worked over by two tasty French gendarmes, and the yummy French boys that fuck eachother senseless in the flick, the climactic scene where Ryan Morgans and Dylan Ryans characters finally fuck and put on an absolutely brilliant performance working eachother over make this movie faaaaaaaaan-fuckin-tastic!

Format: real
Duration: 2:03:21
Video: 640x368, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

Dream Boy Usa
Dream Boy Usa

Dream Boy Usa
Dream Boy Usa

Dream Boy Usa

File size: 401.7 MB