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Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers Master Mike and Master Nick stride into the Top's lockeroom to find jason, their dirty little fuck sub, trussed up like a Christmas turkey, unable to move and courtesy of a head harness and ball-gag unable to speak either. Easy pickings for our Top's fiendish minds to exploit.

The coarse rope bindings connecting jason's head and ankles are so short that both the sub's head and legs are held painfully suspended off the floor. Nick is first to take advantage of the runt, grasping both it's nipples in his hands and pinching them hard.

The sub's raised feet give Nick and Mike a viciously cruel idea. First stroking, tickling, then jabbing and ramming their knuckles into the soft flesh of the sub's foot, they both laugh at the discomfort they are causing jason, their torment getting harder and harder as they the sub and mimic his pathetic muffled cries.

Stinging slaps across the soles of his feet soon colour his pale flesh red. Mike wonders what the reaction might be if he uses his leather paddle on them... Only one way to find out. The cracking sound of it striking the sub's feet are almost drowned out by jason's moans and cries.

Notching up the torment Nick takes over and thrashes the sub hard across his exposed arse cheeks, reddening his buttocks more and more with every painful stinging whack. The ball gag in jason's mouth is being put to good use suppressing his cries. It almost becomes a competition to see which Top can thrash the hardest and get the loudest cry out of the sub.

Being a competitive and cruel Master, Nick grabs his power-tool toy. This should finish off the sub and ruin the runt's arse at the same time. Plunging the rubber cock into jason's bum hole he wastes no time switching it on and fucking the life out of the helpless bottom. The discomfort and pain shows on jason's face as his anus gets wrecked by the thrusting automatic dildo. Egged on by a laughing Mike, Nick ramps up the tempo, inching more and more of the prosthetic member deeper into jason's slutty arse. An ultimate power fuck.

Mike is not a Master who concedes defeat. Grabbing a pack of surgical needles he starts stabbing them into the runt's feet, turning them into a pin cushion, all the time Nick fucking the sub's cock hungry arse with his power tool. Each stab of a new needle piercing runt's foot makes him moan out from behind the gag.

Nick has the power tool dildo on full thrust, tormenting the sub's arse to the max, needles covering both soles of jason's feet. Finally the sub is starting to look broken and wrecked, his legs shaking from a combination of the stress position he's in, the painful needles being stabbed into his feet and the power tool relentlessly plugging his arse.

As the sub's tears begin to pool around the leather straps of his head harness Master Mike and Master Nick call it a draw - for today at least.

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Duration: 18:17
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Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers
Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers

Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers
Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers

Foot Torment Power Tool Fuckers

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