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Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013) There seem to be an awful lot of heavy sleepers out there, or else we wouldn't be up to Volume 8 of the venerable "Knocked Out and Jerked Off" series from Treasure Island. In it, straight men hard up for cash(though soon other hardness arrives)agree to let Jack Miller jack them off during sleep, or, as he says on the cover "totally straight, never touched by a man. But because they're out cold, I can explore their sexy sleeping bodies."
The central idea is that faceless Jack can do any touching on these guys that he wants and they get paid for it. The first sleeper is Tony, who has a nice round rump and thick legs that would be welcome in porn. He has only a few dollars, which Jack swipes before making sure the guy is over 18 by looking at his driver's license. Jack pokes around, but the cock is the focus. Can a guy really be in deep sleep with someone pumping his thick uncut dick?Beats me. I can't sleep in a rainstorm of feathers, but Jack is not particularly gentle with Tony's uncut dick, and most men with uncut dicks are sticklers for having them handled correctly, lest they get hurt. Not Tony, bearded and snoring now and then. There is plenty of precum, which Jack rubs into Tony's beard and armpit hair, and then a gigantic splash of spunk. How one can sleep through that going on is a mystery, but the camera makes sure we hear the sounds of slumber. Not until AFTER this barrage of flying cum does one see a wedding ring and an empty bottle of a lcohol. Circumstantial evidence, to be sure, but it does help the fantasy.

Max is very young looking, and the first thing Jack does is put a pillow over his face. Jack enjoys the hairy parts of Max's largely smooth body, but comes to rest on Max's dick and heavy balls soon enough. Like many a young man, Max is hard in no time, sporting an impressive long cock that holds up gracefully with Jack's wet insistent stroking. The cum dribbles out minus the explosion we saw earlier, but Jack this time takes real cum and wipes it on young Max's lips.
Not particularly sexy, though he wouldn't be out of place in 70s porn either, is Jerry. The fine art of manscaping has not yet reached his attention, so he has thick hair in his pits as well as patches here and there on his body. Rather than being asleep, Jerry looks like he stopped breathing a week ago. These details are all clear because this scene is filmed lit. Jack touches him here and there, but not for long. The dick caught in a mass of pubic hair is his goal. If you watch Jerry's face, you can see hints of movement as his cock is touched. Then, as abruptly as it started, the scene ends. I'm not sure why as he was never given the chance to get hard or get jacked.
Craig's face is covered by a baseball cap, which stays on the whole time. He's a heavy breather, evident in the heaving of his stomach. Jack seems particularly excited by Craig's body. Craig, also in sunglasses under that hat, is fully erect the minute Jack touches him, so Jack gives him an amiable pumping while also gently massaging his asshole entrance now and then. And Craig has a damn beautiful dick. It must have taken a lot of willpower from Jack not to use it for other purposes. A healthy cum rivulet shot with Craig's ass full of fingers certainly impresses.

The final broke straight guy, who sports a nipple piercing, is Jasper. He's hung even flaccid!Jack is very cautious in stroking Jasper's cock, which finally gets harder. He spots a lot of precum and finishes with a delicious expulsion of cum, soon rubbed into his face.
Format: mp4
Duration: 40:31
Video: 640x360, AVC(H.264), 1595kbps
Audio: 122kbps

Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013)
Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013)

Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013)
Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013)

Treasure Island Media - Knocked Out and Jerked Off 8 (2013)

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