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Driven To It Studio: Studio 2000
Look around. You can see them everywhere. Cruising the streets. Intent on making that score. Sometimes you can see them curbside. Singly or in groups. But they dont talk to one another much. Theyre too intent. Theyre busy looking for action. Theyre watching you. Theyre yours to rent and they are ready to serve. All they want in return is a little cash. Somehow, though, they always end up costing more than you expected. Still they are there for you always. Except when its raining of course. Then you cant get one for all the money in your charge account. Cabbies!No matter what you might think, in the city its hard to live without them.
Cabbies seem to come in all shapes and sizes. When youre lucky theyre just the shape and size youre looking for. Theyre a breed apart. They know it all - and theyll be happy to tell you about it. Theyve seen it all - though its sometimes hard to believe the stories they tell. And, they get them all - from the hottest hunks to the kinkiest weirdos. Theyre the guys up front-running off at the mouth and gunning their motors - and sometimes yours too. Theyre more than a little compulsive, kind of driven to it and when youre lucky so are you - driven to it.
The naked city has a million stories. This is one cabbies story. Its the story of how he got from nowhere into a nice tight ass. Its a hot story. Its a turn-on story. IVs the story of this cabbie, Christopher Cox, Dream Stud, and of his buddies as they drive the mean streets and the keen streets of the city picking up clients and never knowing when they?re going to score - or what kind of a score theyre going to find.
According to our driver, Christopher, other people think cabbies are real studs. Not that he would know, of course. Hes a virgin. No one ever comes on to him. But he knows what its all about. Hes seen it all. Like the?other night when he picked up these two guys in front of the bar. From the way those guys carried on in the car, he could just imagine what it was like when they got home(and hes right, too. When Chris Slade and Donny Russo get behind those closed doors, its no holds barred and no crevice unplundered).
On the other hand, things can get a little weird sometimes. Like the time his buddy, Vince Rockland, picked up another fare in front of one of the bars. Dave Logan was kinda but he seemed okay. That is until he pulled a gun on Vince and started making dirty suggestions. The suggestions were kinda interesting but the gun bothered Vince a bit. Things worked out, however. They worked in pretty good too.
And hustlers are always taking cabs. And they always have to tell you about their scores. The other night Christopher picked up a kid who called himself Jeff Dillon. Kinda cute. Definitely hot and obviously hung pretty big. Dillon had just scored with a guy named Mark West. Mark had decided to try a call boy for a change of pace and the luck of the draw sent him Jeff. He got his moneys worth cause Jeff s moneymaker loves its work and Jeff loves to fuck and fuck hard. Mark will remember his visitor - at least for a few days.
Christopher keeps thinking about that mechanic, Marco Rossi, that another cabbie buddy, Kurt Wolffe went to when he had a little engine trouble with his cab. Seems that Marco fixed up everything just fine - tweaked all the parts, blew out the pipes, flushed the system and had the cab and Kurt purring like a pair of milk fed pussies.
Well, all the talk finally accomplishes its purpose and Christopher is all ready. He offers to carry his fares bags up for him and when he sits the bags down, he takes the plunge. Christopher is a sex virgin no more - a fact to which both he and a very satisfied Tim Barnett will happily attest.

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Driven To It
Driven To It

Driven To It
Driven To It

Driven To It

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