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Prowl 3 Genuine Leather Studio: Msr
In its heyday, the finest Grade A prime beef in America came to Chicago and its infamous slaughterhouse, the Stockyards. Now, the finest Grade A prime beef in gay porn cums to Chicago and its infamous mens club, Steamworks. And if the Stockyards were dripping in, the Steamworks is dripping in sweat, spit, jizm and testosterone - buckets and buckets of testosterone. So forget the Kleenex - youll need extra-absorbent Bounty to wipe up all the semen youll shoot during this sleaze-fest known as Prowl 3: Genuine Leather. Tony Alizzi has assembled an astonishing cast of breathtakingly masculine men for one purpose: to use each other for the maximum pleasure allowed under law - or not!
They leave no orifice unkissed, unsucked or unfucked. They are ruthless in their pounding and passion. These guys all thoroughly and unapologetically enjoy themselves as they push each other sexually over the edge. And like those cows from the Midwest, these bulls come with their own hides: jet-black, skin-tight chaps that frame their thick cocks and beefy asses better than the Chicago Art Institute ever could.
The nastiness gets off to a stiffening start with Diego Alvarez scissor-stretched on a. Talk about marbled beef: the veins in his thighs and arms are thicker than some cocks!His own cock is tastier than any tube steak, and he has an interesting technique for tenderizing his meat - he slaps it with his hand, hard, taking spanking the monkey a bit too literally.
He is soon joined by bald-plated Brad McGuire who does the first of many delicious rim jobs. Carlos Morales, with a gentle face, a hard body and cast-iron rectal walls, joins in and stuffs his meat into Alvarez mouth. The fourth player arrives - Michael Brandon, who once again proves he is more than just a Sears Tower-sized dick. Brandon and McGuire push Alvarez and Morales over the and pound at their asses like some perverse pinatas while the Latin lovers suck face. Watching two men seriously kiss while getting seriously fucked is seriously hot.
While there are some colorful cowhides, none can compare to the tattooed skin of Steve Cannon. He is joined by Nick Piston, a young, beefy skateboarder type, and Ben Archer, who looks like he stepped down from a 1970s Colt Calendar - mega-masculine with dark hair and bushy mustache. Cannons most interesting tattoo is a giant Celtic-lettered sinner inked across the small of his back, with arrows pointing down. As each man takes turns rimming and fucking Cannon, this artwork takes on a surreal context. Try showing this to some Bible-thumper the next time he says Hate the sin, love the sinner!
The third scene is a three-ring circus of sleaze. In the center ring are the relentless Piston and Cannon, doing their own acrobatic act with Cannon in a sling. At one point Cannon starts swinging back and forth - and on and off Pistons rod. One doesnt know which to admire more: Cannons stamina or Pistons aim.
In the left ring is masked marvel Damian Ford and fresh-faced porn pup, Antonio. After some juicy mutual glory hole sucking, the Chicago cub climbs on the sling and opens his very tight hole for the Ford sedan. The camera captures Fords achingly slow penetration inch by delicious inch, while Antonio urges him on.
In the right ring, Brandon and Archer return to ram the mouth and asshole of dark, lean, and goateed Rich Strong. First, Brandon fucks Strongs face and Archer fucks his ass, and then they trade places. Its a helluva way to say hello to the new guy.
The finale is the hottest yet: a pas-de-dick between(then)real-life lovers Colton Ford and Blake Harper. Amidst all the deep-throating, asshole-sucking and power-fucking, there is real romance on display. When Harper first burst on to the scene, he was paired with then boyfriend Jason Branch. They were the hottest couple around, but it was clear who was the junior partner. With Ford, things are a bit different. First, Harper has bulked up and is sexier than ever. Even better, there is a greater sense of equality between the two. Both give as good as they get, and get as good as they give.
The scene begins with Harper and Ford giving each other Hall-of-Fame worthy blowjobs in cubicles with glory holes. They then move to a bench with a hole in it. Ford positions his face under the hole, and Harper sits on it, giving Ford ample access to an ample hole. Lets just say if your ass has seen more traffic than OHare Airport, its going to show. Its deliciously disgusting. They switch places, and in a sleazily sensual moment, they kiss through the hole. Ford then puts his own sphincter on display for Harpers tongue, and its gorgeous - fully ripe and ready for action.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:27:17
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Prowl 3 Genuine Leather
Prowl 3 Genuine Leather

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather
Prowl 3 Genuine Leather

Prowl 3 Genuine Leather

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