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HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p Genres: BDSM
Riley is tied to a chair, legs spread, with her short dress pulled up to expose her panties. Matt puts pantyhose over her head and ties a leather strap around her neck to secure it in place tightly. A leather gag is inserted in her mouth over the pantyhose. Electrical tape is wrapped around the gag to hold it in even tighter. Matt fondles her tits and then cuts her dress off. He wraps the dress around her neck momentarily to choke her, then he applies nipple clamps. He puts nipple weights on and Riley begins crying from the pain. A Hitachi magic wand is rubbed on her pussy. Her panties are cut off to reveal her full bush. She's vibrated some more and the clamps are removed to give some sharp pains. After Matt is done stimulating her, a severe crotch string is applied to lift her ass up off of the seat.

Next, Riley is sat on the floor, her legs spread by her ankles which are tied to a stock. She's in a box tie with a chest harness and a neck string is run to the ceiling to keep her sitting upright. Nipple clamps are applied to her swollen, tied-off tits. Clothespins are put on her tongue. Matt canes her thighs and foot soles. He vibrates her nipple clamps and clit with the Hitachi, then removes the clamps and finally the clothespins. Her neck string is then disconnected from the ceiling and tied forward to the stock, making her to lean forward uncomfortably. She's then further stimulated with the Hitachi as she cries.

Riley is then put up on a box, face down ass up with her wrists tied to her ankles. A string is tied around her neck to keep her head down. Matt flogs and spanks her ass, then flogs her pussy and she cries some more. He then walks around and flogs the rest of her body for good measure. Then he fingers her pussy and stimulates her with a Hitachi.

In the final scene, Riley is tied to a Sybian. A neck string keeps her upright. She is heavily vibrated while Matt whips her body with a single-tail and flogger. Nipple clamps are applied and a large rock is tied to her Riley's neck string to choke her a bit. Matt then puts his hand over her nose and mouth for some breath-play.

Format: mp4
Duration: 41:43
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 7317kbps
Audio: 110kbps

HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p
HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p

HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p
HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p

HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p

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HardTied - Cryer, feat. Riley Nixon (2017-10-18) 720p