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Insex - Sahara and Koko 2 Release Year: 2005
Studio: Insex
Cast: Sahara, Koko
Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, torture, Realtime Show
Video language: English
Will koko suck cock?PD turns the tables on koko, torturing saharas delicious body at the expense of kokos delicious body. Bound and chained in predicaments where every move causes suffering to the other, the two girls try to work together to limit their pain, but the torment grows step by step, until koko is alone, bound tightly. PD dunks her in water headfirst while cattle prodding her into hysteria. The same question comes back to haunt her again and again. Will koko suck cock?

Remember the scene in Part 1 where koko is bound with one leg raised, and saharas head protrudes from the wall?Now their positions are switched. kokos head is all we see of her, a nose hook holding her face upward, her hair stapled to the wall, and a voice activated stim inside her. The mike is placed against saharas chest. Spanked, tickled, and caned, sahara squeals and screams, paying koko back for the anguish she caused sahara when she refused to suck cock.

A set of predicament scenarios follow. The two girls are both strapped into hogties with matching stims. Sahara takes hers in the ass. Kokos nipples are wired.

Both girls standing, theyre connected mouth to mouth by a large wooden dowel thats raised upward. Their ankles are bound. Strung together cunt to cunt, they hump on command.

A metal pole, hung from its center, dangles a girl at either end, chained by the neck. They dance on tiptoes, throttling the other if one girl loses balance. Their wrists, handcuffed behind, are chained to the neck. A chain runs from crotch to crotch, pinching Kokos pussy. Their nipples are clamped and tied together. sahara breaks, crying.

Suspended by wrists and ankles, koko hangs as though in a sling. sahara, her calves bound to her thighs, crawls in on her knees. PD mashes saharas face into kokos cunt. sahara licks and tongue-fucks koko until koko shoots piss into saharas face.

All alone and immobilized in a chair, koko is asked again if she sucks cock. Repeated shocking with the cattle prod produces an emphatic yes from koko. But its not good enough for PD. He removes planks from the floor. Beneath is a large tub of water. kokos chair, with the help of the hoist, leans forward. kokos head hangs inches above the water. She cant convince PD she really wants to suck his cock, so shes dunked repeatedly while simultaneously shocked with the cattle prod. Strangely enough, it juices up her pussy. So PD lets her pussy get good and wet by nearly drowning her. After hes done, he hoists her off the ground.

Think about it for awhile, he says and leaves. koko swings in the air, dripping, perhaps wishing shed agreed to suck cock the first time he asked.

Format: real
Duration: 57:57
Video: 320x240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

Insex - Sahara and Koko 2
Insex - Sahara and Koko 2

Insex - Sahara and Koko 2
Insex - Sahara and Koko 2

Insex - Sahara and Koko 2

File size: 146.9 MB