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Insex - Sticks N Stones Release Year: 2000
Studio: Insex
Cast: 912
Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, torture, Realtime Show
Video language: English
912 likes it dirty and rough. So PD goes psycho. You can almost hear him growl as hes sucked into her heady sexual fog. Shackles, rope, and cock. In the end, shes bound and buried up to the waist. Smoldering embers surround her. Its night. Full moon. One plaintive long howl.

PD manhandles a girl, taking her down the stairs of the barn. Shes handcuffed, a burlap feedbag tied over her head. He shackles her wrists and ankles behind a post then paws at her breasts. Her neck is strapped to the post and tightened until she chokes. He tells her to reach for his cock. The bag comes off her head. Like some kind of feral pet, he licks the side of her face. He orders her reach for it, get on your knees, open up. He uses her mouth as he throttles her neck with heavy, raw sisal. Then suddenly, he leaves. Her face shows hurt, terror. And just a hint of sadness, as though shes lonely

Psycho-farmer has tied her in the woods. Her ankles are spread, and a long branch has been tied up the front of her body, her breasts bound to it and ballooned. A thick diameter piece of wood has been jammed in her mouth and lashed to the longer branch, holding her still and helpless. He canes the nipples of her purple breasts.

Now her breasts are wedged between two branches tied together. Theyre hoisted up, pulling her onto her toes. Her breasts are so taut that they gleam. Rope circles her neck. He hauls her into the air by her breasts, then settles her down so that she stands upon a long, narrow rail. He strips leaves from a switch and whips her ass. She balances on tiptoes. After hes gone, she weakens until she slips off the rail, swinging free. Despondent.

Full moon. He starts a fire with twigs and dry leaves. Shes on her stomach, immobilized by a long branch running the length of her back. Her legs are folded back at the knee, her wrists bound behind, and her head tied to the branch. As the fire grows, he adds larger sticks. A hole has been dug near the fire. He lifts her and sets her into it on her knees then shovels dirt in the hole up to her waist. The long branch tied along her back splits into a Y above her head. He ties her nipples to each end of the Y. Pulling burning sticks from the fire, he plants them in the ground around her body. He burns and beats her breasts with a burning stick.

The fire dims and goes out. Shes alone. Half a woman sinking into the earth.

Format: real
Duration: 36:46
Video: 424x240, RV40
Audio: 94kbps

Insex - Sticks N Stones
Insex - Sticks N Stones

Insex - Sticks N Stones
Insex - Sticks N Stones

Insex - Sticks N Stones

File size: 119.4 MB