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Deep Water - Sebastian Studio: Gaywargames
Be careful, i forgot to cut off the end and start of this one, so the sound might scare you.
Being trained for the Tchukistanian army isnt easy at all. Not even to get recruited. As a part of the whole process is bullying and beating. This young recruit is experiencing how its done. And the head recruiter is the toughest one in the Tchukistanian armed s.
The recruit is being kicked and shout on to. Running around naked, in the cold water, while the the trainer is splashing water on him. Getting beaten up with a black-jack is nothing to compare with what is about to come. Lets see if he is able to lick ass as a professional.
The recruitment is going well. Not for the candidate but for sure for the recruiter. Enjoying getting his dick sucked and so on. Lets see how the young lad is gonna handle anal and heavy pounding.
This recruitment is still more and more exciting. Young recruit has his mouth shut, so he cant say a word. He can just lay down and relax. Otherwise the pounding would be even more heavier and ruthless. Once he gets a full cum load into his mouth, he is asked the final question. Will you or will you not obey every single order of your Superior.

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Deep Water - Sebastian
Deep Water - Sebastian

Deep Water - Sebastian
Deep Water - Sebastian

Deep Water - Sebastian

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