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A Military Strategy - Ruben Studio: Gaywargames
Have you ever wondered how the Tchukistanian army chooses its best soldiers?Here is the real recruitment process. Once you submit an application, you wont get a call back. There will be just one of our most brutal soldiers coming to pick you up and try how you handle pain, right there on the spot. So do your best to prove you can take some beating and punching.
This recruiter is tough!Teared apart all the clothes of our young recruit and made him eat sand, run around bare naked. But its not enough, He fixed his mouth with some dentists tool and made him vomit. The dude thinks its gonna be over soon, but the fun part is just about to come.
What a day for our young recruit. After vomiting and heavy beating, he gets a sack on his head, so he cant even breathe. But I dont know what is worst, not to see whats around or to see a huge dick in his mouth and ultimately in his tight virgin assshole.
With his hands tied up, he isnt able to defend himself. The monstrous military dick is penetrating his tight asshole causing him so much pain. Not even able to scream and shout cause his mouth is fixed up with the special army torturing tool. Once the soldier is satisfied with anal, he wants one and only thing, to cum all over his face.

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A Military Strategy - Ruben
A Military Strategy - Ruben

A Military Strategy - Ruben
A Military Strategy - Ruben

A Military Strategy - Ruben

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