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Spring Semester Studio: Laguna Pacific
Mitch Hender writes a letter from college to Grant Fagan telling him of his boredom turning into sex adventures.
1. Mitch Hender OrAbRr, Shaun Peters OgAtRrg, Johnny Shovel(80s)OgrAtbRg
Mitch Hender, Shaun Peters take a smoking break in the alley and catch Johnny Shovel trying to release the pressure on his balls. Shaun tells him not to stop and then helps himself to a mouthful of the exposed cock. Mitch climbs up the ladder so that he can get his own cock into Johnnys mouth. Shaun switches to Mitchs cock and Johnny pulls down Shauns trousers to spread the exposed cheeks for a tonguing. Shaun turns Mitch around for the same treatment. Johnny volunteers Mitchs ass for fucking and Mitch agrees while Shaun does the honors. It doesnt take long before Johnny wants some ass too and pounds the same hole. The other two then put Johnny against the wall and Mitch primes the hole while Shaun stands on the ladder and comes over the two of them. That puts Mitch over the top and he pump out a juicy load over Johnny who soon follows suit.
found in compilation Ball Bustin Boys: Stroke 31
2. Tex Anthony solo
Mitchs roommate is Tex Anthony who keeps Mitch awake at night jacking off. In this scene he is alone in the room and gets out a straight porn magazine then gets on the top bunk and jerks off. He does a lot off leg raising to make sure you get to see his ass and balls.
3. Shaun Peters OgrAbRgr, Tex Anthony OrgAtMgRgr, Blake Daw OgrMrRrg
4. Mitch Hender OrgAb, Marc Scott Solo OgrAt
Mitch Hender has answered an ad by Marc Scott Solo to be painted. Much to Mitchs surprise his body is to be painted rather than the canvas. Stripping down to his jockey shorts Mitch stands as Marc begins to ornament his subject. Kneeling down Marc pulls the whities down and paints the nice cock with saliva. Without explanation Marc strips out of his pants and the rolls switch. Mitch suggests that he get fucked and Marc oblidges, his loose balls slapping Mitch as he pounds away while they kiss. They switch to gie style until Mitch lays down again to spew his come over his painted torso. Marc stands to yank out his own load onto the soiled painting.
5. Mike Gere OrgAt, Grant Fagan OrgAb
Grant is working on his motorcycle and reading Mitchs letter which gets him horny. He takes out his dick but hastily puts it back in when Mike comes in. Mike reads the letters graphic sex details and Grant begins massaging his crotch ordering Mike to keep reading. Pulling out the growing rod, Grant suck for a while until they switch around. Pulling down Grants pants and turning him around, Mike primes the hole with his tongue as Grant bends over the motorcycle. Standing Mike fucks the guy until they both finish disrobing. Straddling the cycle, Mike has Grant in front of him lowering himself onto Mikes cock. Mike pulls off a big gusher into the air and Grant lays his own load on the cycle seat. They get dressed and go back to working on the bike.
6. Grant Fagan OrgAbRrg, Mitch Hender OgAtbRgr, Tex Anthony OgrAtRrg

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Spring Semester
Spring Semester

Spring Semester
Spring Semester

Spring Semester

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