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Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015) Release Year: 2015
Cast: Johny Cruz, Shane Barret, Benjamin Dunn, Yuri Adamov, Mike James, Florian Mraz, Artur Kral, Luke Vogel, Victor Diamond, Nathan Dale
Genres: Twinks, College Guys, Young Studs, Jerking Off, Oral, Blowjob, 69, Rimming, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Uncut, Cum Shots, Duo, Threesome, Spit Roasting, Tattoos
Those of a certain shall we say, mature? age might be forgiven somewhat for anticipating a lovelorn tale of repressed emotions, but believe us when we tell you that there's nothing romantic about this bunch of sexed-up beauties. In fact, all they're interested in is the next hard fuck. Fortunately, they're surrounded by a gang of horny fuckers(Yuri Adamov, Shane Barret, gorgeous Staxus exclusive, Victor Diamond et al)with exactly the same mind-set. The result?A breathtaking, cum-draining explosion that'll leave you totally drained!

Scene 1:
No question about it, young Luke Vogel a loud-mouthed chav, if ever there was one! makes exercising look sickening easy; but what he demonstrates during the opening moments of this cum-inducing scene with Yuri Adamov in the form of press-ups and squat-thrusts is nothing in comparison to the physical display that ensues with his hot and horny fuck-buddy soon afterwards. Mind, when you're blessed with the kind of donkey-sized dick that Vogel has it's no real great wonder that you should be so cocky about yourself, or that your immediate thoughts and attentions are centred so readily on your groin. So it should come as no surprise at all that he's quickly thrusting his thick, meaty, uncut shaft down Adamov's throat almost as soon as his buddy has made an appearance. Not that Adamov appears in any way upset at the sudden turn of events. We've all seen him in action long enough to know that the appearance of a truncheon like the one Vogel has stuffed in his pants is sure to get the lad into a sexed-up trance; and having tasted every aching inch of hard flesh on offer it's no surprise at all that he should be enjoying Vogel's tongue rimming his over-excited ass-hole as the two boys sixty-nine each other on a sofa. But the real passion begins the moment that Vogel finally gets to plonk his monster member deep into Adamov's pucker, signalling the start of a truly terrific, breath-taking escapade that sees the bottom banged like a common whore before producing a magnificent hands-free cum-shot over the edge of the chair!A sight that makes Vogel's subsequent eruption appear almost second-rate...

Scene 2:
If you're young, sexy and uber-horny, could there really be any more fun than getting together with other similarly-minded dudes for a marketing shoot for an underwear website...?Well, not if this filthy escapade is anything to go by, that's for sure. Johny Cruz, Shane Barret and Staxus's very own exclusive Italian stallion, Victor Diamond, get together to promote the hottest jockstraps and briefs around and suffice it to say that it's not too long before the underwear has been tossed to one side, the cocks are out and all three lads are feasting on all the fresh, uncut meat that's now on display. To be fair, there isn't one of these three boys that you would ever choose to kick out of your bed, but overall we think it's probably new-boy Diamond who's gonna get the greatest public attention. For one thing, he's clearly a novice to porn and that in itself is quite an attraction. For another(and probably greater reason)he's quite simply fucking gorgeous!Little wonder that Cruz and Barret(both of whom have been around the sex-block quite a few times already)don't seem to be able to get enough of the fellow. In the end it's actually Barret who gets the pleasure of fucking the guy, having already given Cruz's hole a well-deserved stretching courtesy of his oversized ramrod; before he and Diamond gather around Cruz's face and squirt the contents of their dicks all over the lad's expectant face. That just leaves Cruz to the joy of knocking out his own ever-generous wad of jizz by which time we're sure your own balls will be well dry!

Scene 3:
They might be sporting some rather sexy underwear, but as is usually the case with guys their age Luke Vogel and Nathan Dale are both as horny as fuck at the start of this encounter and have little if any inclination to remain in them for very long. Indeed, so it proves. Within minutes their smooching has resulted in the pants being flung to one side and Dale is giving his dark-haired buddy an energetic blow-job a favour that's very promptly returned when Vogel skilfully deep-throats his buddy. It's at this point that you'd be easily forgiven for thinking that you're never going to see another pair of underpants in this scene ever again but hey, guys, you'd be wrong!For along comes the ever-adorable Arthur Kral in a pair of bright green boxer-trunks which if anything only turns the action even more fevered and energetic!As a result, Kral's pants gain an almost immediate(but not exactly surprising)ejection from proceedings; as all attention swings towards blond-boy Dale and that deliciously hungry ass-hole of his not to mention his horse-hung dick!Indeed, this is a boy whose appetite for hardcore action is such that he'd surely send a crowd of celibates into a rampant frenzy; and before long he's being rimmed by Kral, then fucked by Vogel. Matters intensify further when Vogel face-fucks the lad whilst Kral bangs his ass; but it's the conga-line fuck(Kral screwing Vogel, Vogel screwing Dale)that ultimately brings matters to a head. The result?Dale gets a tsunami of spunk sprayed over his face just the way the bitch likes it!

Scene 4:
They've clearly both got a distinct penchant for underwear and given the sexy nature of the product in question it's no wonder but, having fooled around together during the opening moments of this little escapade, Mike James and Victor Diamond just want to strip off and enjoy each other as nature intended. And that, of course, is a pretty easy task given just how gorgeous both these handsome fuck-buddies are. James, in particular, doesn't seem able to get enough of his buddy's thick, uncut meat, and within a few moments is busily gobbling down as much Italian salami as he can fit in his mouth. Not that Diamond appears to have any less of an appetite; but, as we all know very well by now, James is very much the born bottom and he evidently can't wait to have it pushing into his rear and filling him up good and proper. An ambition that he achieves with his trademark gusto, taking every aching inch like the pro we all know and love. Then having sat on the stick and ridden the monster, he bends over and takes it all from behind Diamond's heavy balls slapping his ass in the process. Unable to resist one final ride, James bounces up and down on his buddy's lap; before nature finally gets the better of him and he jerks out a handsome wad of jizz for us all to enjoy. That just leaves Diamond to complete proceedings with a thick, gooey, Roman splooge of his own a fitting finale to an exceptional coupling. In short, man-on-man fornication at its beautiful best!

Scene 5:
There's no disguising the simple contrast in height between these two gorgeous demi-gods Florian Mraz is quite simply inches shorter than Benjamin Dunn, as evidenced when the two fellows stand together in the doorway at the start of this terrific cock-wrangling scene!But the one thing they do have in common other than an apparent interest in underwear! is a love of raw, impassioned fornication. An interest which they are both clearly keen to explore almost from the very start. As a result, it's not too long before the pants have been tossed to one side and the two lads are taking it in turns to greedily devour each other's dicks; before Dunn's desire to master the situation appears to get the better of him and he pushes Mraz over an armchair so that he fully investigate his sweet, bubble-butt!Mind, with a cute, ass-winking beauty like that on offer is it really any wonder that Dunn is entranced from the off?Why, he eagerly rims the hungry little hole like a being possessed; and before you know it he's resigned totally to his instincts and is burying his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Mraz's pucker. A move that clearly makes for the horned-up bottom's very obvious satisfaction!What follows is, quite simply, a beautiful display of man-on-man rutting at its best, with Mraz riding that handsome donger throughout like it was what he was always born to do. The wide-smiled boy's pleasure remains self-evident throughout right up to his own magnificent cum-shot and the almost-equally spray of his buddy, which combine to splatter his abs in a wave of goo!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:56:57
Video: 800x452, AVC(H.264), 2640kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015)
Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015)

Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015)
Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015)

Staxus  Brief Encounters (2015)

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