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Leigh Poulet Studio: Dirtytony
Leigh Poulet has matured well sexually and physically, and feels that he is in his prime now. At this point in life, he brings together an understanding of his body and what he wants sexually together with a high sex drive that has not faded from the time he was ten. Though Leigh has mostly confined himself sexually to women, recently his sexual interests have come to include both men and women. While he enjoys the sensuality and tenderness of a woman, he loves the hard driving sexual energy and cocks of guys. For a while he tried three ways, but has found that they rarely work out, and so he has been experimenting more with men. Both men and women seem to be intimidated by Leighs ripped body, and his dedication shows as soon as his shirt comes off. His large pecs and lean toned abs are perfectly proportioned. When Leigh is not training for martial arts, he has decided to branch out sexually and try out in porn. As soon as he loosens his belt and lets his hands dive down it is obvious that he is working on a nice tool down there. His tanned skin shows every muscle on his abs as he continues to work his cock to a stiff rod. In minutes he is sporting a big mushroom head and low hanging cum filled balls. He flexes his perfectly toned legs before jumping onto his knees and showing off his hot ass. His tan line shows off his perfect creamy butt as he flexes it tight. Then he jumps onto his back and starts working his tight grip to bring him close to the edge. Then every muscle in his perfectly toned body tenses as he lets loose an amazing cum load all over his abs. His body convulses and shakes until the last drops are released.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:11
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1737kbps
Audio: 126kbps

Leigh Poulet
Leigh Poulet

Leigh Poulet
Leigh Poulet

Leigh Poulet

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