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Muscle Pit Studio: Big Blue
How much can a straight bodybuilder eat?
For whom the bell tolls -- it tolls for thee. Thats true especially true if thee is a bodybuilder and Blue Blake is near a bell or camera. Once again, the horny Brit has put together a fantastic flick, and perhaps the best cocksucking performance ever from Mr. Van Damme that ends with a gooey cheek-to-jowl facial. There isnt a plot to speak of, just a bunch of sex-crazed muscle dudes traipsing about sunny Southern Californias beaches and surrounding locales.
The opener, with Robert Van Damme and Marco Paris, takes place in and around a sports car that is parked near an in-ground pool outside the kind of beach house Barbie would probably live in(and Ken would love to decorate). Perfectly muscled and handsome, the dark-haired Europeans suck, rim and fuck in the hot California sun as the sun beats down on their tanned physiques. Robert sucks Marco first, lovingly deep-throating the long uncut cock with newfound skill and enthusiasm. Hes a bona fide cocksucker now, no more half-hearted head-licking for this man. Marco has always been a cocksucker supreme, and goes to work on Roberts fat choker with a wonderful thank-you suck before getting his ass licked from high-noon to near sunset by Roberts long tongue. He spreads the muscular cheeks apart wide to really get in there, drizzling spit, tongue- and finger-fucking the pink crack in preparation for the cock-fuck to come, a thumping gy pounding atop a bright blue chaise lounge and on some patio steps, his body looking powerful and perfectly muscular as he slams his cock in and out of Marcos sleek bum. The climax is a doozy: Marco stands over Robert to release his spunk, what looks like a gallon of cum, all over lips, chin and tongue -- much of which Robert laps up with his greedy tongue, downs the cummy cock after the load has been shot and then shares a cummy kiss with Marco as cum drips from the corners of his mouth and chin as he jerks his meat to climax. Not only is he a better cocksucker than ever, hes a spectacular cum-sucker too.
Cleaned up and fresh as a daisy, Robert spots [cruises] BamBam Micelli at Muscle Beach(hXXp://MuscleBeachVenice), an outdoor gym and place to cruise for muscle in Venice, California. BamBam heads home to think about his muscular gym buddy. He thinks best with his clothes off, so he doffs the shorts and tank to pose and strut for the camera while wearing sunshades to protect his eyes from the harsh U/V rays. However, hes unconcerned about the sun damaging his butthole it seems, as he quickly exposes his hole to reveal a perfectly moist-looking tiny rosebud. He fingers and massages the probably virgin hole, spreading it open and out in a way that suggests he doesnt plan to just finger-fuck himself forever. He moves poolside to show off his dangerous curves and contours, a session that includes all manner of worship-me jibber-jabber as he strokes his yummo body. He pulls off his posing trunks to show off his pretty pecker, accented by an upper-groin tattoo. Upsy-daisy once again go his legs, his perfect butthole on display again, the sunshades tossed off to the side, the dirty-boy softly stroking his spread-open asshole for the camera as he licks his lips and otherwise engages with his many charms. BamBam announces that hes gonna cum, and then yanks out his load and then puts his big sunshades back on.
Tyler Saint and Damon Phoenix dismount a motorbike and head into a $100,000 kitchen to kiss, the stainless-steel appliances gleaming in the background. But the gentlemen in the foreground command all the attention, rightfully so, particularly when Damon drops to his knees to suck Tylers gigantic cock, the V-shaped muscleman staring down at his young charge with authority and confidence(he surely knows that his big cock is a throat-pleaser). Young but far from innocent, humpy Damon knows his way around a modern kitchen and a big dick, making good use of his soft lips and back-less throat when Tyler thrusts in and out with an unforgiving face-fuck. He rewards Damon for his tireless efforts with a kiss from time to time, but continues to shove his many inches down the boys throat. The goateed dy gets on his knees to suck his young buddys thick meat, then eats his juicy butt on the countertop, and finally slams a fuck into Damon. At the end, Damon zoinks Tylers face full of cum. Tyler, like Robert before him, enjoys a little post-ejaculation cocksucking as well, young-buck cum dripping off of his hairy chiny-chin-chin as he jerks himself off.
Some sort of exercise mishap occurs, Josh Weston strains a groin muscle, or is it a charley horse?No matter, he is rescued by Robert and Brad Rock, Josh limping down the street until he gets back to Barbies Malibu Beach House. His injury is quickly forgotten, and is soon taking Brads big-one right up his tight muscle-butt as he gorges on Roberts thick prick with his mouth. He appears to be limber and unfazed by his earlier muscle injury as he gets fucked every which way atop a rather large cocktail table. Brad just fucks and fucks and fucks, stealing kisses from Robert as he pounds the muscle bottom between them. Josh then rims Brad and Robert, their asses lined up side by side. Josh is somewhat tentative with Roberts hole, but goes hog-wild tongue-fucking Brads big man booty like crazy. As Brad encourages(!)Josh to lick and suck his hole deeper and more. Hmmm. Robert goes full-face in Joshs hole, sucking and pleasing the sphincter with his juicy tongue and pointy chin. Robert follows the ass-eating up by plunging a -can-thick dildo into Joshs upturned arse. Prepped, Brad and Robert double-penetrate Josh, Brad going in and out of Josh with fast and furious thrusts. The finale has Josh in the middle again, this time taking two spunk-shots to the kisser from his helpful gym buddies.

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Muscle Pit
Muscle Pit

Muscle Pit
Muscle Pit

Muscle Pit

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