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Shadow Lane - Tantric Tantrum A cute, but bratty yoga student pisses off her yoga instructor by showing up for tardy, repeatedly talking constantly on her cell phone and playing other lame pranks that really irritate him. Finally he responds to her disrespect by upending the cute blonde and spanking her bare bottom hard. Butch decides to administer a lesson in proper behavior to his discourteous yoga student Maggie. So in addition to smacking her bottom, he vigorously breast spanks his recalcitrant pupil. Maggie possesses a stunningly lush natural bosom that becomes very red under the discipline dispensed by her irritable instructor, but she knows she has it coming for pushing all his buttons at once. After an ample amount of strict corporal punishment, the beautiful brat is both contrite and somewhat aroused by her teacher's masterful discipline. Maggie succumbs to the allure of hot sex with her instructor and the ever fit and trim Butch Simms provides her with a large, hard dick to play with. After receiving incredible head from the luscious, shapely babe with the sable muff, Butch makes enthusiastic love to Maggie, who forgets all about her sore bottom and hungrily absorbs every inch. After some highly explicit penetration, Maggie allows her strict teacher to pump his bountiful effusion down her throat. What a girl!

Shadow Lane - Tantric Tantrum

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