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Bed Of Stinging Nettles Studio: B and D Pleasures
Man is Woman shoes, jeans and a denim jacket over a rope on a rural road. He leads her to an abandoned warehouse, binds his hands and feet back to leaning against the pole " portable wall bars " of two vertical wooden logs in the height of a man with a number of them nailed to the horizontal logs. Then he unzips her jacket, exposing the front of the torso, leaving not a few minutes(she twitches), returns with a gag, which ties her mouth. Then he puts the " wall bars " on the ground and whips whip and a little girl nettles. Following he lifts up her jeans to the knees(under them nothing, not even panties), continues to " iron " it nettles, then unleashes it gets. He leads her to the door of the warehouse is empty and binds to the nails in the casings were once the gate there hands and feet, removes her jacket and leaves. She almost untied, but then he returns, ties her back, gag gag, " stroking " nettles. After that, he unties her from the gate casings, planting in grass, binds and out again. When he returned, he puts it in another empty the warehouse, puts it back on the " bed " of nettles, binds his hands and feet, littered nettles, then turns on his stomach and " stroking " nettles. Eventually he unties her from the walls of the room, ties hands and goes somewhere on a rural road.

Format: avi
Duration: 53:39
Video: 352x288, DivX 5, 976kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Bed Of Stinging Nettles
Bed Of Stinging Nettles

Bed Of Stinging Nettles
Bed Of Stinging Nettles

Bed Of Stinging Nettles

File size: 436.8 MB