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Sam Barclay & Theo Reid Release Year: 2014
Cast: Sam Barclay & Theo Reid
Genres: Fetish,Condom
Video language: English
Dom and Sub, Theo Reid and Sam Barclay are rubberised and ready.
Sam in a black rubber wrestling suit with the ass cut out, flagging red with his bright coloured hightop trainers and socks, Theo looking the full rubber dominant top in slick black trousers, boots and muscle vest. Clean cut and mean.
Theo gets Sam where he wants him, on his back, legs in the air. He is courteous however to loosen him up first by eating his prize muscular butt out. Tonging his hole, getting him wet and ready for the challenges to come. He drags his tongue up his crack, over his still concealed and bulging rubber clad crotch, through the centre of his abs, chest and into sub boi Sams waiting mouth for a passionate snog.
The tools of Theos trade are already on display in the play area, picking up a forearms length of dildo, this will be first. Lubing and gooping up the toy and Sams hole, the boi is ready to receive. Working the huge bulbous head of the bright blue toy into his fuck hole, Sam groans and grunts with pleasure, though the challenging part of this toy is its length, Theo pushes as deep as he can go, plunging and plunging into his arse.
Changing it up, Sam reaches for the next implement of ass destruction. A toy with considerably more girth and a bell-end bigger still. It takes some pushing but he achieves the challenge and lets Theo fuck away with a cock as big as a fist inside him.
Format: mp4
Duration: 38:07
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2930kbps
Audio: 119kbps

Sam Barclay & Theo Reid
Sam Barclay & Theo Reid

Sam Barclay & Theo Reid
Sam Barclay & Theo Reid

Sam Barclay & Theo Reid

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