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Piss My Cum Away Release Year: 2009
Studio: Staxus, Dirty Fuck
Cast: Ray Weil, Michael Cross, Alan Capier, David Loft, Blake Reed, Lucky Taylor, Cole Macey, Justin Wilde, Damian Dickey, Garry Flicker, Robin Few, Sven Holland, Tom Harte, Tyler Morris, Will Coburn
Genres: Bareback, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group, Orgies, Piss, Fisting, Twinks
You know what it's like... a night out with the lads can so easily turn into a cock-sucking, ball-draining, piss-soaking orgy!Okay, well maybe not - unless, that is, you happen to be in thepany of horny neer Sven Holland, who clearly has an insatiable taste for hard cock and who thinks nothing of blowing all his mates when the guys meet up for a beer. Needless to say, none of his friends areplaining - pulling him back and forth from cock to cock like the cheap piece of meat that he so clearly is. And whilst Holland never gets fucked, he does get a succession of cum-shots blasted down his throat, so that he ends up looking like a total whore - spunk splattered across his young face, dripping down his chin and neck. Good job all his pals have plenty of piss in their bladders to finally wash all that sperm away!
Staxus favorite, Robin Few, has never been one to turn down the opportunity to prove his worth in front of the camera - a fact that's readily demonstrated here in thepany of a crew of equally psyched-up guys who have only one thing on their mind. Namely, hot man sex!So after a brief session of cock-sucking, during which he gobbles meat like a bitch on heat, he's promptly bundled over a conveniently placed table and has knob after knob thrust up his butt!Culminating in a very sticky fiesta of sperm and piss that ends up all over his body and leaves him looking like one very happy young man - unsurprisingly!Special mention, however, must go to Michael Cross, who produces two truly spectacular cum-shots. Little wonder, though, given this level of debauchery!
In reality, of course, no always means no, but there's still something really hot about being taken by to be used and abused - as young Blake Reed discovers when he's given a lift in a car by two young scoundrels by the names of Will Coburn and Cole Macey. The hitchhiker thinks he's going to Prague, but how wrong can a man be. Before he knows what's happening, he's got two thick, uncut cocks spit-roasting him like a fresh chicken, and it's really no wonder at all that he should spend almost the entire scene groaning and gasping for help that never arrives. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't actually cum himself, but that's not to say that he misses out on spunk. Far from it, indeed. For its no so much tears that drip from his face as oodles of fresh sperm. Perverse, but hot as hell!
Having already stolen an earlier scene, Michael Cross returns to wield his butt-hungry cock in the direction of Alan Capier, whose appetite for cock(not to mention fingers)clearly knows no bounds. For having bent over in the showers to take the full length of Cross' shaft, Capier then gets his ass fisted to the limits of physical endurance. A turn of events that seems to please the young slut no end; and which only seems to get hotter by the sudden arrival of Lucky Taylor, Lukas Leung and Damian Dickey. Laid prostrate on the floor, Capier gets his butt filled(quite literally, folks)by a thick load of spunk courtesy of the guys - a sight that's sure to get you working your own cock into a similar frenzy!Filthy and degenerate, we defy anyone not to be impressed by Capier's five-star performance, which culminates in a full pissing session over his young, slim frame.
If you remember this scene for one thing only we reckon it's gonna be the sight of Damian Dickey spunking the contents of his balls into Lucky Taylor's ass(splattering Justin Wilde in the face in the process), before plunging his cock back into Taylor to ensure that all that cream is deep inside. How director Vlado Iresch gets these lads to perform so recklessly is anyone's guess(though money obviously has something to do with it), but what will you care?This is a fucking blistering threesome by anyone's standards, with Taylor cementing his place as a living legend in the world of gay porn - not least of all by producing a cum-shot that blasts right from his groin up to his face!It might only be a threesome - almost a disappointment in this flick - but this trio of whores guarantee your balls will be almost as drained as theirs!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:55:41
Video: 720x416, XviD, 1754kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Piss My Cum Away
Piss My Cum Away

Piss My Cum Away
Piss My Cum Away

Piss My Cum Away

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