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Chandler Takes It From Reed Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
Reed is one of those guys that is super-responsive to his partner. I think Reed simply likes to make people happy!He sure makes Chandler(and probably a lot of you out there)extremely happy when he makes Chandler take his thick dick.
The guys make out in front of the window. It's clear Reed is having a great time kissing and feeling Chandler's lean body. Chandler, of course, is having a blast feeling Reed's ripped muscular torso.
Chandler takes control of the situation and pushes Reed onto the bed. Reed responds passionately - whether it's anticipation of getting inside Chandler, or that Chandler is hitting all the right buttons Reed is rock-hard and ready for action.
Chandler sucks Reed's cock, but also sucks his fingers and toes. Chandler may have one of the biggest dicks around, but his true talent is in driving guys crazy with his attention(and his tongue!).
Reed sits up on the headboard and he takes a cue from Chandler, sucking Chandler's fingers as Chandler blows him. Chandler then feeds Reed his big cock. Reed has certainly learned how to suck a dick since he first came to CF and now he's taking Chandler like a champ!
Reed grips Chandler's ass, anxious to get inside there. Chandler obliges and slides down onto Reed's dick. He rides Reed long and hard before Chandler lies on his side and Reed slams his cock back in him.
Chandler holds his knee up so Reed can jerk him while fucking him. Chandler is in as Reed pounds him. Reed cums all over Chandler's ass, then drives his cock back inside. He fucks Chandler in the same position, until Chandler blows his load all over the bed!

Chandler Takes It From Reed
Chandler Takes It From Reed

Chandler Takes It From Reed
Chandler Takes It From Reed

Chandler Takes It From Reed