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Tanner Gets Fucked Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
Oh, yeah!It's time for Tanner to get fucked!
I've been looking forward to this ever since Tanner said he'd be up for bottoming. Tanner is so hot and so sexual. And as Harper points out, You see this guy's butt?I mean, come on!
Tanner obliges us and pulls his shorts down so we can take a look at his amazing ass. His cheeks are round and full and look so fuckable!Harper agrees and dives right in to kiss and play with Tanner's ass. Tanner leans over the sofa and Harper shoves his tongue deep into Tanner's ass.
Harper eats out Tanner's hot hole. Tanner moans, liking the way Harper's tongue feels. Tanner turns around so he can feed Harper his cock. Harper swallows Tanner's dick, and strokes his own cock.
Tanner blows Harper, bobbing up and down on harper's thick cock. Harper can't keep his hands off of Tanner's sweet ass or his fingers from teasing Tanner's hole. He spanks Tanner a few times while Tanner sucks Harper's cock.
Tanner climbs up on Harper's dick and slowly slides down. It takes him a little while to get used to Harper's cock. Once he does, Harper starts thrusting deep up into Tanner. Tanner's dick is rock-hard, now.
Harper stuffs his dick as far into Tanner as he can. He reaches around to jerk Tanner's cock. Tanner gets on all fours and Harper fucks him even harder. Harper lies down and Tanner jumps back on to ride Harper's dick. The guys kiss as Harper continues to fuck Tanner.
Tanner strokes his cock and blows a load all over Harper's stomach. Harper keeps fucking Tanner, then pulls out and shoots more cum all over himself. Tanner strokes their now-sensitive cockheads together before kissing Harper again.

Tanner Gets Fucked
Tanner Gets Fucked

Tanner Gets Fucked
Tanner Gets Fucked

Tanner Gets Fucked