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The Coachands Boys Studio: Falcon
Scott Hardman is a demanding coach of a team of football players who need a little one-on-one attention. Damien, a player from the rival team, lures the coach into a lusty trap.
1. Scott Hardman, Wes Daniels
Coach Scott Hardman is concerned about Wes Daniels grades. The coach offers to ease up if Wes gives him what he wants. Wes willingly agrees as the coach gives Wes butt a thorough workout.
2. Tanner Reeves, Scott Davis, Kevin Kramer, Scott Hardman
Tanner Reeves, Scott Davis, and Kevin Kramer steam up the shower as Tanner sits down on Scotts big dick. Next Kevin takes a turn riding Scotts cock. Finally, Coach Scott Hardman catches the guys red handed and has a private session with Tanner in which he wastes no time getting into his hot butt.
3. Zak Spears, Tom Sawyer
Zak Spears seduces locker room attendant Tom Sawyer. After Tom goes down on Zaks big cock, Zak lays Tom face down, eats his butt, fingers it, then fucks him face down on the locker room bench.
4. Scott Hardman, Damien, Steve Maverick, Scott Davis
Coach Scott Hardman finally has to pay up for his indiscretions. Damien, from the rival team, lets the coach seduce him. The action is got on video by the rival team and Steve Maverick and Scott Davis join in on the action. The coach rides Damiens hot cock on the bench before everyone spills their loads on Coach Scott.

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The Coachands Boys
The Coachands Boys

The Coachands Boys
The Coachands Boys

The Coachands Boys

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