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TickledHard - Eddy Studio: TickledHard
Tall, slim Eddy is 20 years old and ticklish everywhere, especially his sides he says, so of course that's where Franco starts. He easily triggers Eddy's machine gun laughter and pleas to stop. Franco teases Eddy's neck then lubes up his sides for another attack, first deep, then gently. Eddy's sensual breathing lets Franco know it's time to cut him out of his sweaty underwear. He blindfolds Eddy with his own boxer briefs and tickles his taint and asshole with a little fan brush. Eddy spasms all over as the tickling continues on his balls, cock and belly button. Franco frees one hand for Eddy to jack his dick, and when Eddy says he can spit on it, Franco deep-throats his cock instead. When Eddy is ready to cum, Franco eats it all up and sucks him clean. He quickly straps Eddy back down and tortures his super-sensitive cock. Suddenly Franco jumps back up to Eddy's sides and nipples, making him twist and moan for it to stop. But there's more!Franco tickles helpless Eddy's size 10 feet with fingers, feathers and the nubby brush. Eddy's laughter gets softer and more strained as the intensity of the foot tickling increases, until he can barely breathe. Franco climbs on top for yet another rib attack before releasing one leg and flipping Eddy on his side to tickle his back and butt. In the end, Eddy admits loving being a bound ticklee.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:15
Video: 960x540, AVC(H.264), 1584kbps
Audio: 30kbps

TickledHard - Eddy
TickledHard - Eddy

TickledHard - Eddy
TickledHard - Eddy

TickledHard - Eddy

File size: 347.2 MB