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StraightMenXXX Game On! Part Two Studio: StraightMenXXX
Holy hell, I don't want to spoil the finale in this hot StraightMenXXX video, but it's truly a happy ending with a cum flood from both guys; these gamers have stamina I can only dream of. With a "let's go inside," I realize that Rave ain't talking about the indoors, Kai's sweet "pucker" has got him hot. Topping, Rave indulges Kai in a bath and shower; "make sure you get it clean." With lube, toys and "gloves," these two get hot and heavy; something about a "fully cocked" guy mounting another hottie larger than he. "Up" for the task, the top works his way into the very tight hole of Kai and continues until he creams the bottom's face, fully.

Kai loves the "depth" of Rave's ability; his hole may be taking a bit to open, but the bottom is very willing. As they intertwine and change positions often, once Rave gets Kai's hole to "release" it is a hard "puckered pounding" for both. Moaning, "yeah," over and over, the bottom seems to appreciate the large "delivery." With Rave's cum still fresh on his face, Kai rolls over and mounts his partner to "distribute" his goods. Rave moves his necklaces to make room; he soon realizes that those trinkets could have been on the nightstand and Kai would have "hit them" anyway. I don't know how many times you blew during that sexy scene, but my "game towel" definitely needs laundering.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:54
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2538kbps
Audio: 250kbps

StraightMenXXX Game On! Part Two
StraightMenXXX Game On! Part Two

StraightMenXXX Game On! Part Two

File size: 673.4 MB