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Brennan's Three Loads Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
Good Grief!Just when I thought Aiden had a lock on the triple loads, new freshman Brennan cums along and pumps out three on Amanda!What a lucky girl.
Amanda hasn't been a coed all that long, but she knows what she's doing to get Brennan worked up. The two make out and she grinds against his cock through his underwear. He's loving her big nipples and tits. Brennan's scruffy face and hairy chest turns Amanda on even more.
Brennan's cock is rock-hard by the time Amanda gets his underwear off and takes his dick into her mouth. She blows him, then straddles him so she can ride his cock.
In seconds, Brennan cums!It slides down his cock and Amanda uses his spunk for lube, hopping back up on his dick and riding like there' no tomorrow. Brennan flips her onto the couch and shoves his cock back inside her hard and deep.
Brennan pulls out to dump a second load onto Amanda's wet pussy. Still not satisfied, Brennan slides back and thrusts in and out of Amanda.
Amanda gets on all fours so Brennan can fuck her doggy-style. Before she knows it, Brennan has shot another load, this time onto her ass!He shoves his cock back in her for a few more thrusts and kisses her.
Whew!If he can do this with a girl I'd love to put him together with Aiden and see what happens!

Brennan's Three Loads
Brennan's Three Loads

Brennan's Three Loads
Brennan's Three Loads

Brennan's Three Loads